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Hillshire quests

Walking inside Hillshire requires a pass (see Hillshire Tourist) or bypassing the troll at the entry of town.

"Hillshire Tourist", in which you visited scenic Hillshire. (Quest level 2)

Go to the campsite on the road northwest from Pekan Ford, and search the ashes. Take the tarnished ring from the circle of stones and go to Hillshire by going northwest then northeast at the junction outside the tourism office. Give the tarnished ring to the bridge troll and he will give you a pass to enter Hillshire.

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"Occult Apprentice", in which you became more knowledgeable in magical control. (Quest level 7)

You need to be a decent wizard for the last part of this quest.
It's in Hillshire in the Wizards house. Go upstairs and then north (if the doors not open say friend). You then meet a wizard who asks if you'd like to be an apprentice. Say yes. Read the scroll he tells you to read, find a feather (if you haven't got one I think there's one in a pillow just to the south). Drop it then type lift feather. Read the next scroll find a spider Ice cube (Krazzander's near the Drum). Drop the cube and "
cast Flizzlofrob's Morphogenic Resonator at cube". Next find a book and follow the instructions on scroll again "force book to combust". Lastly find some alcohol (any bottle will do from any of the bars) and again follow instructions "induce weather from bottle"(drop bottle first to be safe). That's about the whole quest - Time consuming but pretty easy.
Items Needed
Feather, Book, Spider Ice Cube, Bottle of Alcohol
Skills are listed on each of the scrolls that will be needed for each one.
Skills Needed
Fire 168 bonus (book)
Evoking 197 bonus (feather) 
Channeling 199 bonus (spider Ice cube)
Animation 318 bonus (bottle of alcohol)

These are NOT the required bonus needed, but just my bonues and I passed. If you pass a scroll with a lower bonus please replace the bonus with yours. (guessing 100-150 for most bonuses needed)

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