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Haunted Mansion quests

"Axe Dealer", in which you returned a dwarf's family heirloom. (Quest level 2)

Discworld quest page for Axe Dealer

Items: weather-beaten key (see SEASONED EXPLORER quest) or lockpicking abilities, a light source
Go to the mansion on Short Street, just south of the intersection with Attic Bee.  "press switch" in the first room to reveal a stairway leading down.  Make sure your light source is lit, and go down.  Go one more room, and get the axe from the corpse, or from the floor if the corpse has decayed.
Don't go any further in the cellar: retrace your steps upstairs and back out to Short Street.

Go to the flats immediately east of the mansion, then into the south apartment on the ground floor.  Go north into the bedroom (you'll hit your head on a bar and get hurt a bit if you don't "crawl").  Give the axe to Stavic to receive the key.

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"Competent Banisher", in which you sent a most pernicious and annoying fiend back where it belonged. (Quest level 3)

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"Crypt Robber", in which you broke into an ancient crypt. (Quest level 1)

Discworld quest page for Crypt Robber

Having completed the VETERAN EXPLORER quest below and killed the greater demon (you need to have done the MASTER OF CEREMONIES quest before you can kill the greater demon) then head north once. In this room, you have to "open coffin". This is disguised as a stone table. Then you can "get all" from the coffin.

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"Master Of Ceremonies", in which you performed a mystic ceremony. (Quest level 4)

Discworld quest page for Master Of Ceremonies

There are two ways to do this quest:
Items: 1 eagle feather per participant (from Bandit Camp eagle quest - a repeatable quest)

1) For wizards and witches:  At 12:00AM Disc time (midnight), walk diagonally (northeast/southwest) through the connected rooms at the bottom of the tower of Art until you are magically transported to a room in the clouds.  Place the eagle feather on the statue.

2) For priests, assassins, warriors and thieves:  This involves three players, one of which should be a priest, one should be a warrior and the other either a thief or an assassin.  Read the book in the tower of the mansion near the intersection of Short Street with Attic Bee.  First the priest should say "sulamore" and then "galimore". The warrior should then say "duvanti", and finally the thief/assassin should say "duvanti".

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"Radiant Adventurer", in which you found a magic pool and received a magic boost. (Quest level 7)

Discworld quest page for Radiant Adventurer

Skills needed: perception (bonus unknown), climbing skills
Collect 9 coloured glass segments from around Ankh-Morpork. These are found by 
(1) looking at the stones in the mine on Whalebone Lane,
(2) looking at the soot in a hidden room on God street, 
(3) looking at the junk in Nobby's room in the Pseudopolis Yard Watch House,
(4) looking at the sun in the model of the Disc in the Enlightened Brethren room on Bitwash Street, (5) Looking under the counter in Bernita's flower shop on Treacle Street, 
(6) using or swivelling the telescope on Fiveways' bell tower roof (climbing skills required)
(7) looking at the blowhole of a whale statue in Sator Square, 
(8) looking in the waste basket in the Apex club Hall of Heroes, and
(9) looking at the ice in a cellar on Quarry Lane. 
After completing CRYPT ROBBER, put the coloured glass segments on the plate by the stairs. 

Go down the stairs. The first puzzle is a set of 9 coloured levers on a panel, one for each segment. All levers need to be in the down position.
Each lever swaps the position of itself and at least two other levers. Below is a list of which levers swap which levers:
Red lever: Red, Orange, Green, Blue
Yellow lever: Yellow, Violet, White, Black
Orange lever: Orange, White, Black
Green lever: Green, Indigo, Violet, Black
Blue lever: Green, Blue, White
Indigo lever: Red, Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet, White, Black
Violet lever: Yellow, Blue, Violet
White lever: Orange, Blue, White, Black
Black lever: Red, Orange, Violet, Black

Next is a maze puzzle, you must determine which numbered corridor to follow out of each room. The order is that of the colours of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. There is a perception skillcheck involved in looking, though you can also find out without looking.
When looking into a numbered corridor says The passage glows with instead of You think the passage is glowing with, that means you passed the skillcheck and you can be certain that is the true colour.
Finally, you need to look for a room with transparent white light, which is the end of the quest.

Be careful, you can take small amounts damage from hitting your head (~200 hp) or gases.

At the end of the maze is a room with a riddle. You need to solve the riddle to access the radiance pool. 

After solving the riddle, wield the weapon(s) you want radianced and go north. Dip the weapons in the pool. Use the portal to exit.

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"Seasoned Explorer", in which you discovered a hidden dungeon. (Quest level 1)

Discworld quest page for Seasoned Explorer

First go to the flats on Short Street just south of Street of Small Gods.  Go all the way upstairs, and into the south flat.  Go into the bedroom and go "up" then "search nest" to get the weather-beaten key.  Take the key and go to the mansion across the street.  Inside, "press switch" and go down.  Don't wander around further unless you know what you're doing.

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"Veteran Explorer", in which you discovered new areas in the hidden dungeon. (Quest level 4)

Discworld quest page for Veteran Explorer

Skills: some ad.perception?, some, some co.lo.door, some co.lo.traps, possibly,, some fighting. The last trap needs and to disarm.
This quest involves disarming traps a few times. You have to be able to spot the traps in order to disarm them, otherwise you'll get hurt.

To complete this quest, you will first need an iron amulet from the wind demon upstairs in the Old Mansion on Short Street south of Brother David's. To get this, enter the mansion (see SEASONED EXPLORER), go up, and go west. Search (possible skillcheck here) to find a lever, pull lever, go up. There's an exit west, then go south. Open the door using a key, it should be the one from the dwarf corpse, or just lockpick it. In the next room you need to disarm the flame trap before you can head south.

To get the wind demon to appear, open the box, and it will come out and autoattack. Kill it to get its amulet, or if you're a thief, filch the amulet from the demon. Or just kill the demon if you want to. Don't wear the amulet because it breaks easily in combat. The room should reset in about 30 minutes and allow another wind demon to come out if you need another amulet because the banshee respawned too fast (sometimes it can be near instantaneous).

Go to the hidden cellar from SEASONED EXPLORER by pressing the switch inside the front door and go down, then south.

The east exit of the room with the dwarf corpse is trapped with a blade trap. Either disarm the trap, or crawl.

Then open the east door with the key from Stavic, or lockpick it if you wish.

In the next room, there are three demons. They don't autoattack, but you must kill them to go east again. The demons spawn relatively quickly - 5 minutes or so, in my experience - so get the amulet from the wind demon upstairs first.) Try not to die. It's a bit of a hassle to retrieve stuff from one's corpse when there are demons and locked doors.

In the next room is a banshee and a gas trap. "Use amulet on banshee" and it will disappear and the amulet will crumble to dust. Hurry up to disarm the gas trap because the banshee respawns fast and if it does you need to go fetch another amulet and by then the demons and blade trap will have respawned too.

In the next room there is a greater demon (that does not autoattack) that can only be killed if you have done the MASTER OF CEREMONIES quest. Just reaching this room will get you the VETERAN EXPLORER quest and $75. You can proceed to the CRYPT ROBBER quest above which involves killing the greater demon.

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