Quest:Brass Neck quests

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BAD SPORT, in which you found a way to cheat at wholesome games. (4 QP)

In autumn, get a chestnut from one of the rooms along the northern edge of the Brass Neck market. Get a piece of string from the misc stall and 'peirce' the chestnut with a piercing weapon, then 'thread string though chestnut'. This will result in a conker. After this, you must go into the kitchen of Annie Spindlewits and get the wine bottle off of the shelf. Scrape the mould on the wall with a dagger and put it in the wine bottle, turning the liquid inside into vinegar. Soak the conker in the bottle and give the resulting hardened conker to the saddened child wandering around the town.

GO-BETWEEN, in which you showed your true colour. (5 QP)

Items: 25 crowns Go to Annie Spindlewits and say 'Granville wants the statue.' Give her the money and she will give you a statue. Then, statue in hand go to the general store and give the statue to Granville. Granville will give you 50 crowns for it and your alignment will be shifted closer to evil. Alternatively, you can give Annie the full 50 crowns and your alignment will be shifted closer to good.

PATRON OF THE ARTS, in which you mixed it up a little. (5 QP)