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NOTE: If doing any "evil" quests first, you will have to wait a very long time before you will be able to do the "nice" quests.

BIG BAD WOLF, in which you were burned by some cunning porkers. (3 QP)
On the path outside of Bois, there are several houses along the eastern edge of the northeastern branch. The ones made from straw and sticks don't have actual rooms, but just show in the room descriptions. Go to the straw one first, then the stick one, then the brick house. In that order, "huff", "puff", and "blow down" each house. You'll fail on the third house (brick), so climb the chimney and enter it.

FARMER'S WIFE, in which you were unsympathetic of a disability. (2 QP)
Items: a knife
During the day, search the tree in the centre of the Bois market. Cut the tails off of the three blind mice that appear (they run fast!)

GLODILOCKS, in which you donned a wig to break and enter. (2 QP)
Items: a golden wig (from from the general store)
Go to a house along the northeastern branch of the trails outside of the village (not one of the pig ones). In the living room, sit in the large chair, then the medium chair, then the small chair. Go to the kitchen and taste the large bowl, the medium bowl, then the small bowl. Go to the bedroom and lie on the big bed, the medium bed, then the small bed. Then you'll have a really trippy dream.

HEROIC FAIRY, in which you changed a dear old woman's life. (3 QP)
Go to grandma's house on the southwest side of the trail outside of the village and knock on the door. Say you're a fairy when Grandma answers the door, and she'll let you in. Say she should go upstairs and hide, then say that the wolf is near, then that the wolf will eat her. She'll go upstairs, then he wolf will enter, and you need to kill it. Next you need to go to the Woodcutters' Guild in the village, find Pascal, and say that Grandma needs help. Lead him to the clearing outside Grandma's house.

HONORARY LITTLE PIG, in which you saved some precious bacon. (2 QP)
Go to the brick house (see Big Bad Wolf), and wait for the three little pigs. When prompted, "jam" the door with a chair, "block" the window with the bed, "stop" the bricks with the table, and "light" the fire. Then wait for the pigs to tell you the threat has passed.

LUPINE CONNOISSEUR, in which you gobbled up a sweet girl. (2 QP)
Go to grandma's house (see Heroic Fairy). Knock on the door and say you're Little Red Riding hood. When you go inside, kill her, strip the corpse (ooer), wear her clothes, bury the corpse, and lie on the bed. When Little Red Riding Hood knocks, say "Is that you, little one?" then unlock the door and say "In you come then." When she asks questions, respond in the usual matter: "all the better to see/hear/eat you with", then "eat" her after the third question. Numnum.