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Bad Ass quests

"Basketcase", in which you delivered the goods. (Quest level 4)

Skills: 166 or less other.movement.climbing.tree bonus OR 100 or less covert.manipulation.sleight-of-hand bonus
Find Mrs Smith in the house attached to the forge in Bad Ass.  Ask her about Granny Weatherwax and she will send you on a quest for various items. 
The first item is always a small green apple.  If using sleight-of-hand, go to the bedroom on the second floor and 'open window' then 'grab apple from tree'. For tree climbing go to the east room of the orchard which is north of the forge. 'climb tree' and then 'get apple'. The tree will cause damage to you if you fail the skill check.
The next two items you will be required to collect are random and could be any of the following:
Wood: Obtain an axe, the general store often sells them. Look at trees around Bad Ass until the trees mention chopping them down. Once you locate them, hold the axe and 'chop tree with axe' until you have wood.
Granny's Mail: Go to the general store and ask Martha Headlock about Granny's mail.
Hat: Go to the sewing store and ask about Granny's hat.
Peach Preserve: Inside the house connected to the forge, go upstairs and look at the ceiling. Go up through the trap door and ask Jud Smith for peach preserve for Granny.
Sausage: Enter the south east most house in the village through the east door. Once inside 'search utensils' to find the sausage.
Egg: One west from the forge entrance, go southeast into a room containing a nest box. Searching the box results in an egg.
Wool: One west of the forge entrance, go south and ask Mrs Shepston about wool for Granny.

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"Knotscape Navigator", in which you hacked some trees for later browsing. (Quest level 4)

Skills: >182 ad.direction bonus?
Items: A guide book from the Bad Ass general store
Items: A knife

During summer or autumn: Go to the Bad Ass smithy and say "help" while Gordo Smith is there, then "yes".  Follow Kev when he shows up.  "judge" the distance to the town when he tells you to, and use the book to carve the appropriate symbols on the trees.

During winter or spring: Go back to the smithy and say something about "marking grooves" to Gordo Smith, then say "yes".  Drink the beer he gives you, and you'll wake up outside of town in the forest.  "feel trees" to translate the grooves on the trees, then "head  <dir> for <number> miles" in the indicated direction and distance to attempt to get back to the village.

The relevant information from the guide is reproduced below:

Thee Bad Ass Trees

In the winter a system was needed for people who were lost in the Forest around Bad Ass. The chosen idea to help people get back to the village was a system of marks and grooves on trees around the village. It stretches out to 4 miles from the village in every direction. The grooves can be found on some trees about 5 feet up the trunk. On the following pages is a guide of how to read these markings. Every summer the marks are re-carved by a group of volunteers led by Gordo Smith. Their only payment is the offer to join Gordo for a drink in the forge on a cold winter night. Any volunteers are gratefully received, just ask Gordo about marking the grooves.

How to read the markings

On each tree there are two markings. You can feel these to see what they are. The first is a selection of three stars and lines, which indicate what direction the village is in. The second is a pair of stars and lines that indicate the distance from the village. Using these two markings you can find where the village is and head in that direction for the correct distance. You can use this book to look up markings and then decide which way to head. If you ever get really lost then you could always shout for help, and a local will rescue you if they are nearby.

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