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Ankh-Morpork quests

"Bored Of The Ring", in which you reunited a dwarf and his precious. (Quest level 2)

First find the Lag.  If you shout "lag" I think he shouts back, showing you what direction he's in. Kill the Lag or otherwise acquire his ring. Killing him can be pretty damned hard, but you don't have to kill him yourself so long as you get the ring.  Find Prodo Laggins wandering around AM and give him the ring.

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"Doppleganger", in which you recognised locals from afar. (Quest level 4)

There are unique, named NPCs wandering around AM that have names that are current or former creator names in reverse.  Say the creator name (usually the reversed name of the NPC) in the same room with them - e.g. for Mota 'say atom'.  Presto's NPC is Notserp (but say Presto).  From the Discworld website:
Simply find them all and say their names backwards. All the dopples are Anarual, Dyffat, Endaira, Euq, Eur, Hsif K'nip, Mota, Nacirrut, Nmad'ho and Notserp. In the case of Notserp, the name you need to say is "Presto".

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"Errand Runner", in which you delivered a long awaited parcel. (Quest level 3)

Go to the upstairs room of the Post Office on Widdershins Broadway. Say "details" or "help" and read the parcel to see where to "deliver" it.  You will have to "deliver" the parcel all over AM untill you found the correct person. You'll get $25.

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"Executive Chatter", in which you got ripped off by a telepathic imp. (Quest level 3)

Skills: Guild Level 150
Items: 15 royals
Find the Greedy Imp who wanders around AM.  DO NOT GIVE HIM THE MONEY.  Follow him or he'll walk off after a few seconds. Say "fifteen", and ask about his exclusive club and the the fee for joining. Say "know what I mean?" and then "wink" at him the way he winked at you. You will get the quest when he swipe your royals immediately after you winked and you'll have access to talker channels A'Tuin & Intermud.

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"Uncobbled", in which you shooed some obnoxious shoes. (Quest level 1)

As you wander around AM, an evil cobbler might pop out and put nasty shoes on you.  "untie" the laces to get the quest.

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"Weight Watcher", in which you realised that sometimes you have to be kind to be cruel. (Quest level 4)

Items: 5 watermelons (fruit shop on Baker Street, or free outside Djelibeybi during the right season), or 2 dead eels from Little Agatea and a knife
Find Louis Bingham as he wanders AM.  Keep cutting the food until they're too small to cut further, then give one piece at a time to Louis.  Wait until he's finished one before giving him the next.  This is based on number of food items, not on weight or value, and you need to give him at least 50.  Eventually he'll explode. Note: It may be that you need to use "fresh" food, 64 cured sixteenths of a dead eel did not get the quest. The number of items fed seems to carry over for some time, so you can make multiple visits many days apart and still get the quest - gave up after a while and two weeks later fed one more 16th of melon and he exploded!

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