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Items reported:
Items reported:
*[[enormous spider carapace]] [shield]
*[[iron broomstick]]
*[[iron broomstick]]
*[[venom-coated dagger]]
*[[venom-coated dagger]]

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Queen Shelox is the queen of the giant spiders.


She is said to be in a cave hidden somewhere in Gloomy Forest.

There is an epic achievement that consists in killing her: Achievement: Arachnophobia.

She must be killed in a special way.

She has an area attack:

Queen Shelox rears up and sprays acidic venom across the entire lair! The pair of fawn cotton trousers breaks!

Being wet may help protect against the acidic venom, at least until you dry off, but it might still be enough to kill.

The acidic venom is diluted on your soaking wet body.
You feel dry now.
Queen Shelox melts you with her acidic venom!
You scream in agony.
You collapse into an unconscious heap from the pain.


Defeating Shelox now provides rewards in the form of rare items! (dev blog)

Items reported:


Bulletin Boards: Frog
Note #39 by Jian at Sun Jun 20 13:27:35 2010 [EST] on board frog

Word is spreading rapidly across the Ramtops: an elite Lancre Regiment company has been completely lost somewhere in the depths of Gloomy Forest.

According to local rumours, a single soldier managed to make it back to town, babbling madly about a monstrously huge spider before succumbing to his own wounds and falling silent.

Venture into this darkness at your own peril. You have been warned.

First victory announced

Bulletin Boards: Frog
Re:#1 Arachnophobia
Note #48 by Groux at Tue Jun 22 05:08:36 2010 [EST] on board frog

Heaps of thanks for jian for coding this epic piece of work.

To put a quick reply on this, a new big spider boss called shelox was made and finally killed recently. It was an absolute monstrossity and has to be killed in a special way. It took maybe 15 hours? of trial and fail many many times not totally sure but a long time to do this.

it took me, naboo, krylin, inige, chooxen, dialapishe, nirilil and anyone else who helped that i cant remember.

thanks!, my best discworld login of all time i think.

ps. we maybe would rather you try and figure things out than ask us how to do this:)
Bulletin Boards: Frog
Re:#2 Arachnophobia
Note #49 by Dialapishe at Tue Jun 22 05:11:41 2010 [EST] on board frog

Ok Exalted, Chooxen, Lanfear, off the top of my head. Angelin/Raen did you join in too?

Bulletin Boards: Frog
Re:#3 Arachnophobia
Note #56 by Zexium at Tue Jun 22 12:00:51 2010 [EST] on board frog

I think Elspeth and Mancow were involved at some stage too.

Bulletin Boards: Frog
Re:#4 Arachnophobia
Note #70 by Dialapishe at Tue Jun 22 22:01:37 2010 [EST] on board frog

Actually how could I forget you Zex, healing and ressing us.

Mancow and Elspeth made an independent attempt to our attempt

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