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A print shop is a place where you can have books or papers copied. Note that craft patterns (for embroidery, quilting, or appliquing) count as papers and can be printed this way.


There are two places you can get books printed: the publishing house in Ankh-Morpork (located in Pseudopolis Yard in the Isle of Gods), and the printery in Bes Pelargic (located on Diamond Place south of Market Street).

The prices for both locations are the same (just in different currencies), and they take the same amount of time. However, the Bes Pelargic printery does not have any language options. The Ankh-Morpork Publishing House preserves the original language(s) by default, but can also translate books to Brindisian, Ephebian, Klatchian, Djelian, Uberwaldean, Agatean, or Morporkian.


You can print books (only ones that do not have any pages torn out) and individual sheets of paper.

Typing "print book" will show you how much printing a certain number of copies of your book will cost, and how long you'll have to wait. This isn't mandatory, but as different books can cost different amounts of money to print, it's a good idea.

>print book
The cost for the different numbers of the open pale pink book in Morporkian is:
  1 for A$11.20 and will be ready at 2:15am, Sunday 9th June Secundus, UC 2028.
  5 for A$56 and will be ready at 6:42am, Sunday 9th June Secundus, UC 2028.
 10 for A$112 and will be ready at 12:15pm, Sunday 9th June Secundus, UC 2028.
 20 for A$224 and will be ready at 11:22pm, Sunday 9th June Secundus, UC 2028.
You can translate a book to or from brindisian, ephebian, klatchian, djelian, uberwaldean, agatean and morporkian, the cost of doing the translation is defined in the following table.  Translating between two of these languages is also possible, but it will cost the amount to translate from the language to morporkian and back again.
   250% brindisian   130% ephebian   250% klatchian   130% djelian   130% uberwaldean   130% agatean
Use: print <number> of <book>

The numbers of copies shown are only guidelines--you can print any number of copies up to 30.

If you still want to print it, you can "print <number> of <book> [in {brindisian|ephebian|klatchian|djelian|uberwaldean|agatean|morporkian}]". You'll need to have the money on hand at this point.

Your original book or paper will remain in your inventory, though if it's a book it will be turned to the last page.


The cost varies depending on what you're printing.

Book Number of pages Cost per copy
<adjective> <colour> leather-bound book 20 &&&&&&&&&&+11744 A$29.36
<colour> book 25 &&&&&&&&&&&+4480 $11.20
black book 25 &&&&&&&&&&&+2240 A$5.60
blue leather-bound book 30 &&&&&&&&&&&+8160 A$20.40
brown book 25 &&&&&&&&&&&+4480 A$11.20
bundle of papyrus sheets 16 &&&&&&&&&&&+4720 A$11.80
cheap flimsy chapbook 32 &&&&&&&&&&&+1196 A$2.99
cheap papyrus notebook 16 &&&&&&&&&&&+1072 A$2.68
golden book 25 &&&&&&&&&&&+6080 A$15.20
leather-bound book 25 &&&&&&&&&&&+6080 A$15.20
linen-bound book 32 &&&&&&&&&&+19616 A$49.04
notepad 10 &&&&&&&&&&&+1136 A$2.84
red book 20 &&&&&&&&&&&+2016 A$5.04
ricepaper book 30 &&&&&&&&&&&+6360 A$15.90
yellow book 20 &&&&&&&&&&&+2240 A$5.60

Books appear to cost the same amount to print regardless of their contents--the important thing is what type of book it is.

Paper Cost per copy
sheet of cheap writing paper &&&&&&&&&&&&&+16 4p
piece of <colour>-edged writing paper &&&&&&&&&&&&&+20 5p
piece of writing paper &&&&&&&&&&&&&+20 5p
piece of writing paper &&&&&&&&&&&&+320 80p
piece of <colours> marbled writing paper &&&&&&&&&&&&+320 80p
sheet of cheap papyrus &&&&&&&&&&&&&+16 4p
sheet of cute moon dragon writing paper &&&&&&&&&&&+1600 $4
sheet of papyrus &&&&&&&&&&&&&+20 5p
a sheet of parchment &&&&&&&&&&&+1600 $4
sheet of vellum &&&&&&&&&&&+2400 $6

Prices are for blank papers--the price goes up as you write on it. Writing more characters causes the price to go up more. The rate appears to be one fifth of a penny per ten characters per copy.

Printing in a different language also costs more.


It takes the same amount of time to print a book as to print a piece of paper.

  • For one copy, it takes 1 day, 3 hours, and 46 minutes Disc time (8 hours and 20 minutes roundworld time)
  • For five copies, it takes 1 day, 8 hours, and 13 minutes Disc (9 hours and 40 minutes roundworld time)
  • For ten copies, it takes 1 day, 13 hours, and 46 minutes Disc (11 hours and 20 minutes roundworld time)
  • For twenty copies, it takes 2 days and 53 minutes Disc (14 hours and 40 minutes roundworld time)


Optionally, you can claim copyright on something.


It appears that by default, the printed copies of your book will be identical to the original--with the exception that a flyleaf noting the date and place of printing will be inserted. Writing and inks are preserved--for example, if you use a barbed quill to write the original, the copy will be "written in blood", too (excepting the flyleaf).

Languages are also preserved if you didn't opt to translate it. If you did choose to have it printed in a specific language, everything will be in that language instead.

The flyleaf looks something like this:

You read page one of the pale pink book:

Printed 9:02pm, Sunday 9th June Secundus, UC 2028 by Goatbergers printing shop, Ankh Morpork

Papers obviously have no flyleaf, but they have the date and location printed on the bottom instead.

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