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Priests, affectionately nicknamed 'godbotherers', are those who choose to dedicate their lives (or careers, anyway) to one of the Discworld's puerile—er, I mean glorious, sublime and delightful pantheon.

Those blessed souls entering the priesthood have a fine selection of gods to choose from: Fish, God of Sea Creatures; Gapp, God of Fine Clothing; Gufnork, God of Fluff; Hat, Vulture-Headed God of Unexpected Guests; Pishe, Goddess of Slight Showers; Sandelfon, God of Corridors; and Seven-Handed Sek.

Priests receive a range of commands and rituals based on their choice of god.


Each church has a High Priest(ess) who is elected by both the followers and the priests of his or her faith. The election process begins only when another priest initiates a schism within the church. All nominees must be at least guild level 150. High Priests can excommunicate the unfaithful and are responsible for maintaining their god's pool of deity points.

High Priests can also nominate up to four priests as ministers, although these individuals do not gain any special powers.



The following are the primary skills for this guild:

You may notice that there are only 14 primary skills for the priests rather than the 15 primary skills other guilds have. On the other hand, all the faith skills are included here, whereas other guilds don't have all skills in their primary field as primary skills.

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