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Command information
GP Cost 10 per item
Learnt At ? crafts.culinary.preserving
Skills Used crafts.culinary.preserving
Items Needed 5 pinches of sea salt
Guild Available to all

Preserve is a command to cure something with salt so that it does not spoil.

For the witch spell that can preserve food (by drying), see Mama Blackwing's Potent Preserver.

For other means to preserve, see Pickling.

Command details

The preserve command requires some skills in crafts.culinary.preserving to learn and use.

It cannot be taught by other players. It is taught as part of a quest. Spoiler: Look for a hut on the beach near the road between Holy Wood and Ankh-Morpork. Might need to go during the night.


preserve <object>    Preserve a food item or a body part with salt.
  • Salt can be kept in a container identified as a "component pouch" and it will be automatically retrieved for preservations.
  • You can attempt to preserve multiple items at once - this costs 10 GP and 5 pinches of salt per item, and the time taken to preserve increases for each item. This requires a higher preserving bonus.
  • Each attempt to preserve uses 5 pinches of sea salt per item, which is lost if you fail the skillcheck.
  • Objects preserved become cured <object>.
  • If you have too many items carried it fails more.
  • If your hands are not empty it fails more.


How to obtain salt:

  • Salt can be obtained by putting sea water inside a salt pan and waiting. This seems to take a couple of minutes during a clear day, but it does not seem to work at all at night.
  • The correct water looks like seawater and when you look at it clear, very salty liquid that smells faintly of seaweed.
  • There's a salt pan you can purchase, which is furniture. The other salt pans cannot be moved.
  • Once some of the seawater evaporates you can take the salt from the salt pan. You'll need to empty and refill the pan if you want more salt.
  • Swimming at the surface of the ocean will fill opened vessels when you enter the room.
  • Water from the sea in Brown Islands works and is easy/safe to get.
  • Using other containers does not seem to work.

Skills used

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