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(You can't concentrate well enough to cast Pragi's Lost Gaze; it would cost you 65 guild points.)
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  |type = Offensive
  |type = Offensive
  |desc = Creates a bomb that walks to an adjacent room.
  |desc = Creates a bomb that walks to an adjacent room.
  |GP cost = 55
  |GP cost = 65
  |mind space = 30
  |mind space = 30
  |components = [[hand]], [[left leg]], [[right leg]], [[eye]] (all consumed)
  |components = [[hand]], [[left leg]], [[right leg]], [[eye]] (all consumed)

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Pragi's Lost Gaze
Spell information
Nickname plg
Guild Wizards
Type Offensive
Description Creates a bomb that walks to an adjacent room.
GP cost 65
Mind space 30
Thaums 6
Components hand, left leg, right leg, eye (all consumed)
Tome Spelles of thee Oryent

Pragi's Lost Gaze (abbreviation PLG) is an offensive spell which essentially creates a walking bomb by combining the two legs, the hand, and the eye component used in Pragi's Fiery Gaze, which can then be directed into rooms adjacent to the caster.

Spell details

With a successful casting, the construct of limbs holding the ignited eye will be formed. It must then be quickly told which direction to move in using the 'direct' command, or it will eventually detonate anyway, harming the caster and any other viable targets.

The spell costs 55gp to cast, and is cast with no arguments. However, it's usually recommended to alias it in such a way that the 'direct' command is put forward right after the casting, to help the caster avoid blowing themselves up.


Spellcheck results
100 120 140 160 180 200 220 240 260 280 300

The following skills are used in the stages of this spell:


A right and left leg, a hand, and a single eye. Due to weight concerns, it's recommended to use legs from a caterpillar or some other insect - they have plenty.


You get the two legs and prop them up beside each other.
You shove the hand on top of the legs.  The whole structure looks a little shaky.
You walk slowly around the strange looking pile muttering 'bingo' under your breath.
The legs jerk a bit and the whole structure seems to hold together more strongly.
You carefully place the eye in the cupped hand.
You wave your hand around above the pile leaving a strange purplish glow in the air.


The pile stands at attention and looks at you eagerly.  Be quick now, the fuse is not very long.
Use the 'direct' command to direct the shuffler elsewhere.


The ball of fire suddenly shrinks to a small and very bright red dot.
With a small gout of flame, the dot begins to accelerate.
There is a small puff of burning dust as the dot passes through a wall.

To others

Dark Claudio Womblesworth gets the two legs and props them up beside each other.
Dark Claudio Womblesworth shoves a hand on top of the legs, and stands back and admires his work.
Dark Claudio Womblesworth walks around the pile of assorted bits and mutters something arcane under his breath.
The pile of bits jerks a bit and seems to 'stand' up and take note.
Dark Claudio Womblesworth carefully places an eye in the cupped hand.
Dark Claudio Womblesworth waves his hands around in the air above the pile leaving a strange purplish trail of luminescence in the air.
The pile of bits stands at attention and shuffles closer to Dark Claudio Womblesworth.

After successful cast shuffler goes to adjacent room and explodes:

The shuffler shuffles out north.

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