Pragi's Fiery Gaze

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Pragi's Fiery Gaze
Spell information
Nickname ?
Guild Wizards
Type Offensive
GP cost 40
Mind space 30
Thaums 6
Components an eye (consumed)
Tome Ae Thouesand and Onne Thyngs ae Boye cann Do with Corpse Partes

The spell "Pragi's Fiery Gaze" (abbreviated as PFG) is an offensive spell requiring an eye. It causes all potential enemies within the caster's room to be struck with a burst of fire based damage. Some unexpected characters not usually considered enemies, such as pets, may be affected.



This spell costs 40 GP to cast, and takes up 30 units of mind space. It takes no target and affects potential enemies in the same room as the caster. This spell is PK checked.


The following skills are used in the stages of this spell:


This spell requires an eye. Eyes can be obtained by cutting them from corpses with a small sharp-edged weapon such as a knife or dagger.

hold <knife>
get eyes from <corpse>

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