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The practicing rope was brought into the game in November of 2015[1]. It weighs 2 2/9 lbs. and appraises as about four feet long and about an inch wide. It is made of cotton.

It can be bought in the fishing supplies shop in Bes Pelargic, just west of the piers.

This is a length of rope just long enough to be suitable for practicing various fishing and sailing knots.  Less than a thumb-width thick and rather smooth, it wouldn't seem too difficult to untie it either.


From the inventory, as it cannot be held, one can tie rope to turn it into knots of various difficulties, some of which allow it to be used as a misc weapon.

Tying is skillchecked by adventuring.movement.sailing and with low to no levels the knot will simply turn into a tangled mess that is difficult to untie, as untie rope also uses the skill. If you fail, you do not untie the rope completely and must repeat the command until it unties.

tie rope and untie rope cost 10 gp each and count as different commands for the purpose of command xp.

Knot Types

Glance Making Bonus
tangled mess of practicing rope You manage to knot your practicing rope into a complete tangled mess. Well, if you can't tie knots, tie lots 0 - 175
butterfly knotted rope You loop the practicing rope around itself, knotting a perfect alpine butterfly knot. It looks like a sturdy loop knot, tied mid-way through the rope. 118 - 301
double fisherman's knotted rope Turning one end of the practicing rope in on itself, you knot an excellent double fisherman's knot, simulating linking two ropes together. 117 - 175
bowline-on-a-bight knotted rope Folding the practicing rope in half, you loop it back around itself and tie it off into a bowline on a bight. A perfect double loop now sits at roughly halfway down the practicing rope. 123 - 301
running bowline knotted rope Looping your practicing rope against itself, you spin a running bowline into a taut knot. Satisfied, the knot neatly runs along itself into a perfect slip knot. 117 - 175
alpine coil knotted rope You loop the practicing rope around and around your arm and manage to tie it off into a neat alpine coil knot. A handy knot to know in case you ever decided to climb mountains. 119 - 301
fishing lure knotted rope You twist the practicing rope between your fingers and manage to slip the end back in against itself to create a connection for a fishing lure if you had one. 149 - 301
sailor's coil knotted rope You loop the practicing rope around and around your arm and tie it off into a practical sailor's coil knot. You're all set for the life of a deckhand, now. 119 - 175
decorative braid knotted rope You spin the practicing rope across your fingers, weaving it in against itself to create a decorative but ultimately useless braid. 123 - 175
heaving line knotted rope With great skill you knot one end of the practicing rope around on itself, making a heavy knot called a heaving line. It might make for a good weighted throwing rope, or a weapon against a mutineer. 119 - 301
monkey's fist knotted rope In an intricate display of skill you twist the practicing rope and knot a decorative monkey's fist, leaving a trailing length of rope behind it. It won't be useful as an actual rope, but it might find new purpose. 142 - 301


  1. If You Can't Tie Knots, Tie Lots