Pottery and Sculpture Gallery

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This gallery has a rotating display including the following artworks

Margo Henshaw's "Snail Me Pretty"

This unique sculpture was crafted by Margo Henshaw from scraps of metal womanhandled into the general shape of a snail. Each one has been painted a different colour, giving the piece the overall appearance of a rainbow on drugs.

Ian Drake's "Flea" -- [TM: Lancrastrian culture]

This is a life-sized model of a flea intricately created from clay. Special consideration has been given to this sculpture and it is being displayed with a large magnifying glass affixed above it. Through it, it is easy to see every detail that the artist painstakingly included.

Edward Higgins's "Untitled"

A porcelain salt shakers is not the sort of item one would usually expect to see in an art gallery, except perhaps in the cafe, but this is a salt shaker made by the famous potter Edward Higgins. It was the first item he created as an apprentice and was donated to the Royal Art Museum by a mysterious benefactor.

Frederik Hemlut's "Birds"

A simple urn designed to carry water has been transformed into a work of art through the simple application of paintbrush to surface. Of course, the person holding the brush had a modicum of skill as the pattern of birds created on it is quite exquisite.

Rupert Gringl's "Boat Race"

A large porcelain wall plate which has been painted with a scene showing model boats being raced on the River Ankh. Since the boats have wheels it's probably safe to conclude that the race is taking place on a section where the river has that healthy crust Morporkians are so proud of.