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See also
See also
     pottery brush, pottery table, pottery tongs, pottery wheel</pre>
     pottery brush, pottery table, pottery tongs, pottery wheel</pre>
==Related Achievements==
Bad Potter<br />
Stained<br />
Promising Potter<br />
Hot Pot<br />
Gifted Glazer<br />
Sustained Effort<br />
Mad Potter<br />
Glazed Eyes<br />
All Fired Up<br />
Extreme Potter<br />
[http://discworld.atuin.net/lpc/secure/achievements.c?category=pottery Pottery achievements category]
Pottery is a [[Crafts|craft activity]].
Pottery is a [[Crafts|craft activity]].

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Pottery allows you to make a range of ceramic items in a pottery. The items can be stained with patterns and glazed, before being fired in a kiln to finish the product. Items include plates, bowls, vases and smoke bomb canisters.

Pottery is a craft activity.

Where and What

Potteries are available for use in numerous locations, such as Cockbill Street in western Ankh-Morpork, the Ninja guild in Bes Pelargic, the Sung estate in Bes Pelargic, the Royal Market in Sto Lat and Chronides farmstead south of Ephebe.

Clay is required for each attempt at making an item, it is consumed upon failure of either throwing or shaping. Clay can often be found via searching, or purchased.

Possible items, glazes and staining patterns vary based on the pottery table available - it is possible to create an item at one location, stain it at another and glaze it at yet another...

Skills Used

crafts.pottery.forming.throwing (throwing clay onto a pottery wheel)
crafts.pottery.forming.shaping (shaping clay into an item)
crafts.pottery.staining (staining a pattern on an item)
crafts.arts.design (staining a pattern on an item)
crafts.pottery.glazing (applying a glaze to an item)
crafts.pottery.firing (firing an item in a kiln)

crafts.music.instruments.wind (making a clay tube into a flute or flute-blowpipe)
fighting.range.fired (making a clay tube into a blowpipe or flute-blowpipe)

Help File (help pottery wheel)

Pottery wheel                 Discworld player help                Pottery wheel

     pottery wheel - used to mould pots

     throw <object> onto <wheel>
     mould <object> into {pot type} on <wheel>

     This wheel can be used to mould pottery clay into different types of       
     pots, the type that can be made varies between wheels and can be seen
     with "syntax mould".
     After a pot has been successfully moulded it can be decorated at a
     pottery table, where it can be stained with a pattern and glazed. You
     can also sign your work with a pottery brush and once dry pottery can
     be fired in a kiln.
     The skill crafts.pottery.forming.throwing is used to throw clay onto
     the wheel and crafts.pottery.forming.shaping is used to mould clay
     into shapes. 

     > throw clay onto wheel
     You confidently throw some clay onto the centre of the wheel.
     > mould clay into bowl on wheel
     You expertly set the wheel in motion and start to mould the clay on it.
     You add the finishing touches to the bowl and stop the wheel turning.

See also
     pottery brush, pottery kiln, pottery table, pottery tongs

Help File (help pottery table)

Pottery table                 Discworld player help                Pottery table

     pottery table - used to decorate pots

     stain <object> with [a] {pattern type} [pattern] in {colour}
     glaze <object> with {colour} glaze

     This table can be used to decorate a pot created on a pottery wheel.       
     The patterns, glazes and colours vary between tables and some patterns
     may need more than one application of stain to be completed. You can
     see the patterns and colours available with "syntax stain" and "syntax
     glaze", respectively.
     The skills crafts.pottery.staining and crafts.arts.design are used for
     staining a pattern. The skill crafts.pottery.glazing is used for
     You can also sign your work if you have a pottery brush. 

     > stain bowl with a blossom pattern in pink
     You expertly start to stain a traditional bowl with a pink pattern.
     > glaze bowl with black glaze
     You skillfully start to coat a traditional bowl with some pink goo.

See also
     pottery brush, pottery kiln, pottery tongs, pottery wheel

Help File (help pottery tongs)

Pottery tongs                 Discworld player help                Pottery tongs

     pottery tongs - used to safely remove pottery from a kiln

     hold tongs
     take <object> from <object>

     To remove pottery safely from a kiln, simply hold a pair of pottery        
     tongs and take the desired pot from the kiln. 

See also
     pottery brush, pottery kiln, pottery table, pottery wheel

Help File (help pottery kiln)

Pottery kiln                  Discworld player help                 Pottery kiln

     pottery kiln - used to fire pots

     fire <object> in <object>
     check items in <object>

     This kiln can be used to fire pots.  Firing pots is needed to make         
     pots waterproof and to set glazes.
     The firing process takes between three to eight minutes but a number
     of pots can be fired in the kiln at a time.  If the pots are not dry
     when fired or if they are fired incorrectly they will explode.  The
     skill crafts.pottery.firing is used.
     Pots coming out of the kiln are extremely hot and you will need to be 
     holding a pair of pottery tongs to take them out safely (no extra
     commands are needed).  

     > fire bowl in kiln
     You select a shelf, carefully place a fine bowl in the kiln and adjust the
     air flow.
     > check items in kiln
     You check and see that a traditional black pot is ready to come out.

See also
     pottery brush, pottery table, pottery tongs, pottery wheel

Related Achievements

Bad Potter
Promising Potter
Hot Pot
Gifted Glazer
Sustained Effort
Mad Potter
Glazed Eyes
All Fired Up
Extreme Potter
Pottery achievements category

Pottery is a craft activity.