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Warning.png WARNING: This page contains spoilers about poisons. See the poison creation page for detailed information and links to the other poison creation pages.

Smoke bombs are objects that are lit and then dropped or thrown, which then explode to cause minor damage, along with a billowing cloud of smoke that fills the room where they explode.

The smoke lowers the perception of everybody in the room, making it harder to spot people hiding, backstabbing, ambushing and inhuming (or doing anything while hidden), as well as preventing the use of the watch command.

The smoke will remain in the room for a period of time, and anybody entering the room will be immediately affected by it. The length of time that the smoke remains is dependent on the bomb creator's covert.items.poisons bonus.


(from Lexx's "From Spiders to Smokebombs")

| :Ingredients:                     :Equipment:                                  |
| -Bat guano                        -Hammer                                      |
| -Black Benedict's Batsup                                                       |
| -Clay                                                                          |
| -Sugar                                                                         |
| -Sulphur                                                                       |
| -Candle wick                                                                   |
|                                                                                |
| Firstly you need to make the balls, which can be done at the pottery on        |
| Cockbill Street. There are potteries all over place, but I use this one.       |
|                                                                                |
| Buy some clay from the shop then throw (syntax "throw <object> onto <wheel>")  |
| the clay onto the wheel to the south. Then mould (syntax "mould <object> into  |
| hollow ball on <wheel>") the clay into a hollow ball. You can also stain or    |
| glaze the ball but that's not a requirement. Once you've made as much as you   |
| think you need, you need to fire (syntax "fire <object> in <object>") them in  |
| a kiln. Keep an eye on the ball with "l ball in kiln", once the description    |
| becomes "This hollow ball has been moulded from clay." it's finished and ready |
| to be removed, be sure to hold the tongs and get it from the kiln.             |
| Next you need guano, which comes from fruitbats, feed them then squeeze them a |
| few times, you could also ask a witch to gather it for you (you may get some   |
| disgusted looks instead, however). Then take the guano to the Nitrolator in    |
| the Alchemists' Guild (w;w;w;u;u;e from Street of Alchemists).                 |
|                                                                                |
| Search the shelves in the class rooms around the guild for the Black           |
| Benedict's Batsup. Put the guano and pour the Benedict's into the Nitrolator,  |
| make sure you close the lid and "light fuse on nitrolator". Once it's finished |
| take the nitrate powder out one handful at a time.                             |
|                                                                                |
| Then you need sulphur and sugar. Sulphur is from the Ankh-Morpork Alchemists'  |
| Guild or the Institute of Illusory Learning shop in Djelibeybi. Sugar is       |
| available from Trioll Negurney's Cayke Shoppe southeast from Sator Square.     |
| Pulverise the sulphur with a hammer.                                           |
|                                                                                |
| Now get yourself into a lab. Put all the nitrate powder, some sugar, and       |
| sulphur powder into the firebox or equivalent it will mix but it's the powdery |
| grey substance that will be made into the final product. Heat it. After it's   |
| finished, get any excess ingredients from the firebox and you should be left   |
| with a thick grey liquid. At this point you can also add one of three poisons  |
| to the mix, see the section on "Gasbombs" on page 11 for details.              |
|                                                                                |
| Get a ball out and fill it from the firebox, a recent change was the           |
| requirement of adding an actual fuse before sealing. You insert (syntax        |
| "insert <fuse> {in|into} <object>" this and have the option of leaving more    |
| fuse stuck out, increasing the burn time (syntax "insert <fuse> {in|into}      |
| <object> leaving <number> inches out". You can now "seal ball". Repeat this    |
| until the liquid runs out.                                                     |

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