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Warning.png WARNING: This page contains spoilers about poisons. See the poison creation page for detailed information and links to the other poison creation pages.
Rage poison
Poison information
Effect Anger, self damage
Other names
Anger poison
pink creamy liquid
Tyler Weed ... wolf heart ... lion duct ... water ... orange tablet
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Rage poison causes to victim to become 'very angry', like the Rage priest ritual. A small or weak dose only causes the victim to snarl and slap random people in the same room, but stronger doses can cause the victim to attack itself causing minor damage, around 50 hp every few seconds.


* grind orange tablet from the alchemists' guild and put it in water (soapy water)
* add ground tyler weed (light pink liquid)
* add wolf heart (dark pink liquid)
* add lion duct (pearly pink liquid)
* distill (pink creamy liquid)