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Gas bombs are bombs that explode to cause minor damage and cause a billowing cloud of poisonous vapour to fill the room that they exploded in. The effects depend upon the poison used, but will effect everybody in the room, including yourself. The gas will remain in the room for a period of time, and anybody entering the room will be immediately affected by it.


Gas bomb mixture is created by mixing 1 drop standard smoke bomb mixture with 5 drops of the desired poison.

The ball itself is created in a pottery room by forming a hollow ball. A fuse must be added to this, with the number of inches left out relating to the number of seconds until the bomb explodes after it has been lit.

Available Poisons

Currently only 3 poisons are able to be included in bombs. These are:

  • Spider poison, causing everyone in the room to lose 5 points of Constitution and 2 points of Dexterity.
  • Shimmering Orange (GP poison), causing everyone in the room to slowly lose all of their guild points over time.
  • Hallucination, causing everyone in the room to see hallucinations, as in spell failure or the Visions ritual.