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Con poison
Poison information
Effect Reduces constitution
Other names

Oily colourless liquid
Hemlock, Snake poison glands and water
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Hemlock (also known as Snake poison) is a poison which reduces the constitution of its target.


Like all poisons, it requires a poison lab to create.


When Hemlock poison enters the body, either through ingestion or delivered by a poisoned dart, crossbow arrow, tlinga or throwing spike it reduces constitution of the victim until it expires or is cured. The first drop of poison reduces the target's constitution by 1 point and a second drop lowers it by another one, to a maximum of 2 points. Adding further drops causes the effect to last longer. research

While is takes away less constitution than Spider Poison, it does stack with it to combine the effects. The ability to stack these poisons means that it is often found in most "instant-death" poison mixtures.