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A poison is a substance made from certain ingredients that will cause a negative effect when it enters the body either when ingested, by touch, through wounds or by breathing it.

There are many sources of poison on the Disc with various effects.

The effects of a poison can either be instant, regularly distribution over time or increasing over time.


The negative effects can be:

Food, drink and other substances

Several poisons are delivered by eating, drinking or otherwise consuming poisonous items:

Witches can tempt people into eating fruits even if they are poisoned.

Poison creation


Some weapons have poison built into them:


There are also other ways to get poisoned:


Some traps on doors or containers can poison you when trying to pick, open or go through them. You can use probe to try to see if there is a trap and a successful disarming of the trap can prevent it from hurting you.


Witches can brew antivenom tea that instantly cures many types of poison if enough is drunk. This often includes stat loss. If not, the restore ritual can remove stat loss.

Higher levels of constitution reduce the poisoning time from various sources.

Being in a safe zone prevents the effects of poisons from damaging you, allowing it to expire after a while.

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