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Playerkilling means interactions such as fighting and stealing between players, see "Pk-checked".

  • Playerkilling is possible on Discworld when both players are part of a common league.
  • Playerkilling is also possible with your normal inventory by entering the fighting area in the PK Arena or playing in the Rugby field.
  • Playerkilling is also possible without your inventory (using a limited list of supplied items) in the Capture the flag arena.
  • Player killers usually refers to members of the permanent leagues, but it can be used for those who are in temporary leagues as well.
  • The Playerkillers league is a permanent league that is moderated by a player called the marshal.
  • The experimental Oldschool league is also a permanent league, which allows anyone to join (unless you leave, which is permanent) with no moderation nor restrictions on handling other people's corpses, see the section below.
  • Those who are not PK are called Non-Player Killers or NPK, although anyone can join a temporary league, becoming PK for the time of the league.
  • Anyone can create temporary leagues and invite who they want, but those cannot last beyond 10 days.
  • You can only interact as player killers with another player if you are in a common league.
Warning.png WARNING: There are drastic changes happening to PK. See: Playerkilling/2020_changes, news and Oldschool.


An action that is pk-checked generally means that players can only do it to others who are in a common league, while everyone can do the actions on NPCs. Broadly, this applies to:

  • Attacking or stealing or planting.
  • Casting offensive spells.
  • Performing offensive rituals.
  • Picking locks on real estate, although if a pk is permitted in the house then any pk can pick the lock.
  • Things that interfere with covert actions such as the Light ritual and spraying perfume.
  • Placing contracts on other player killers at the various assassin guilds.
  • Being inhumed by assassins who have access to the book room where the contract was purchased.
  • The Calm and Chant rituals. These may, however, be performed on players who are grouped with you.
  • The Celestial Anchor ritual.
  • Casting the Nanny Revere's Traitorous Talisman witch spell on an item that is bonded to another player.

Actions that have less strict checks:

  • Find Corpse can be used on npks, and can be used on pks if they permit you.
  • Tempt is only checked for poisoned fruit.
  • Track can be used on npks.

There is also something called a pk assistance check, which means that npks can't perform the action on pks who are in combat with other pks.

  • This applies to the scrying systems. See Seeking.

Actions that cannot be done anymore, except for members of the Oldschool league:

  • Corpse looting without being permitted.
  • Corpse dragging without being permitted.
  • Corpse burying.

Actions that cannot be done anymore, not announced as being back for members of Oldschool:

  • Stealing furniture and items from them without being permitted in that room or house.


A league allows players to have PK interactions with other players that are in a common league.

  • The Playerkillers and Oldschool leagues are permanent.
  • Any player can create temporary leagues for consensual PK with willing participants.
  • An open invitation policy means that anyone can join automatically.
  • A closed invitation policy requires an invitation to join.
  • Leagues can now be created without theft. Please note that if two members are also in another league that does allow theft, then they can still steal from each other, since league permissions are defined by the most permissive league.

The league command is used to get information about a league or to create, join or leave a league.

  • league list - List all available leagues.
  • league create <name> - Create a new temporary league.
  • league create <name> without theft - Create a no-theft league.
  • league info <league> - List members and other information for a league.
  • league list members of <league> - List the members of a league.
  • league list for <player> - List the leagues that a player is in.
  • league join <league> - Join a league
  • league leave <league> for <reason> - Leave a league.

Temporary leagues last for 10 days, or until their creator disbands them. These are intended for player-run events, or just for sparring with friends or having a wedding brawl.

Playerkillers league

Changes to PK, now known as the Playerkillers league, are ongoing and the information presented here might be out of date at any given moment.

Player killers (PK) are now referred to as members of the playerkillers league, the permanent league of Playerkillers.

  • Members of a league can kill other members of the league (and overall engage with them as a PK).
  • League members who have been in the league for at least 2 days of playtime (or everyone who was a PK at the time of the change) can vote in an election for league leader.
  • This election uses preference-based voting.
  • Candidates need someone in the league to second them.
  • NPKs are allowed to stand for the position of PK leader.

The elected Leader of PK, a player, has the following powers:

  • remove someone from the league (all members will get an inform about this)
  • invite someone to the league who was previously removed (or is too young to join)
  • see when someone previously left (and whether it was voluntary or not)
  • write a message in the league log file for future leaders to see (for example to note why a player was removed)

It has been stated that the leader of PK can be removed through an option to hold a vote of non-confidence (VONC), which has now been implemented.

Currently the commands for PK status changes and information are available with the league command:

  • league list members of Playerkillers - List the members of the Playerkillers league.
  • league join Playerkillers - Become a player killer.
  • league info Playerkillers - List members and other information for the Playerkillers league.
  • league leave Playerkillers - Stop being a player killer.
marshal: Reva
Officers: Eviscerator and Kwik
Policy: The league has an open invitation policy: everyone is free to join, except for those who have previously left or been removed.  (These players need to be invited before being able to join.)  Once you have joined, you must play for a full day before being able to leave.

Oldschool league

An experimental (possibly) permanent PK league was added on 31 July 2021 with the following (announced) characteristics compared to other leagues :

  • Corpse looting is allowed.
  • Corpse dragging is allowed.
  • Corpse burying is allowed.
  • Everyone is welcomed to join (once) even if banned from the Playerkillers league.
  • If you cannot join because you have been banned from the Playerkillers league or because you don't have enough playtime you can contact the league marshall to request an invitation.
  • No one will be banned from the league and complaints will probably be answered by suggesting to league leave Oldschool for <reason>, which will be permanent.
  • You can leave the league (after playing a full day) at anytime, but once you leave you cannot come back.

See below for the announcements.

Bulletin Boards: Frog
Re:#1 Permanent Old School Old Rules PK League
Note #92 by Pit at Sat Jul 31 04:49:49 2021 [EST] on board frog

On Fri Jul 30 18:30:37 2021, Dare wrote:
> If I get ten players to agree to join, Pit will make a new permanent league
> with old pk rules, the return of looting, and no liaison oversight.

As requested, I have now added a second permanent league called Oldschool. For technical reasons, it cannot be leaderless, so for now, Dare has been set as the leader; leadership is not by election, but can be passed to others. When I get around to it, the ability to loot, drag and bury corpses will be reinstated without prior warning, so please take this into account before joining.

Please note that this is an experiment to see whether a second league is sustainable. There will be no dedicated talker channel or board (at least not from the start); these may be added later if the league is a success. If the league ends up being inactive and not used, it'll eventually be removed. It is up to its members to keep it alive.

To become a member, use: league join oldschool

Note that it is possible to both be a member of Playerkillers and Oldschool. Note also that you can leave any league, but will probably not be able to ever rejoin.

Bulletin Boards: Frog
Oldschool PK
Note #98 by Dare at Sat Jul 31 11:41:17 2021 [EST] on board frog

PK is back.

No rules, no liaisons, no bans, no bs.

All the grief you can handle, plus all the grief you can't.

You will be robbed. You will be looted. Your corpse will be dragged and buried or ritburied. You will be killed over and over, and no one will care no matter how much you cry.

Pure PK chaos like we used to do it.

If there are any questions about details just ask and I'll get the answers for you when I can.

Everyone is welcome. If you have been banned from PK contact me and I will invite you in. You're always welcome, no matter how much of a monster you are.

The only catch is if you quit, you can never come back.

Don't be a quitter. Be a killer.

league join oldschool

Bulletin Boards: Frog
Re:#2 New OldSchool PKs
Note #109 by Dare at Sat Jul 31 19:43:20 2021 [EST] on board frog

On Sat Jul 31 18:41:30 2021 [EST], Ltj wrote:
> Got 4 of us working towards 2 days to make our entrance

I can invite you guys if you want in right away.

Bulletin Boards: Frog
Looting is Restored
Note #115 by Dare at Sun Aug 1 14:57:14 2021 [EST] on board frog

Looting and corpsedragging have been restored.

Happy griefing, oldschool.

Bulletin Boards: Frog
Re:#2 Looting is Restored
Note #117 by Dare at Sun Aug 1 18:06:12 2021 [EST] on board frog

On Sun Aug 1 16:13:40 2021 [EST], Sidd wrote:
> does this mean Turnerette is allowed to become PK again?

Yes it does. Everyone is welcome.


Oldschool and player councils

Bulletin Boards: Frog
Re:#1 Oldschool PK
Note #100 by Juppie at Sat Jul 31 13:44:32 2021 [EST] on board frog

On Sat Jul 31 17:41:17 2021 [zomertijd], Dare wrote:

Be aware AM city rules still apply.

(Juppie edited this message at Sat Jul 31 18:44:32 2021.) 
Bulletin Boards: Frog
Re:#2 Oldschool PK
Note #101 by Machiavelli at Sat Jul 31 14:03:59 2021 [EST] on board frog

On Sat Jul 31 18:44:32 2021, Juppie wrote:

While council rules 'apply' they are 100% meaningless and are to be ignored as they will have 0 impact on you as a player. Ignore meaningless councils ftw.

Bulletin Boards: Frog
Re:#2 Oldschool PK
Note #102 by Dare at Sat Jul 31 14:21:08 2021 [EST] on board frog

On Sat Jul 31 12:44:32 2021 [EST], Juppie wrote:
> Be aware AM city rules still apply.

I've never been happier to not be on AM city council. Good luck with that guys.


PS: Any oldschool PKs who cry to AM city council get pounded extra hard.

(Dare edited this message at Sat Jul 31 19:21:08 2021.)
Bulletin Boards: Frog
Re:#3 Oldschool PK
Note #111 by Jeanie at Sat Jul 31 21:50:46 2021 [EST] on board frog

On Sat Jul 31 12:44:32 2021 [EST], Juppie wrote:
> Be aware AM city rules still apply.

On Sat Jul 31 19:21:08 2021, Dare wrote:
> PS: Any oldschool PKs who cry to AM city council get pounded extra
> hard.

Magistrate Juppie's advice is good, and while former magistrate Dare
also seems to be trying to help everybody out, such threats were of
course more effective when people could not simply leave the league.
So it would be even more helpful if the oldschool PKs simply did their
corpse looting in the wide lawless areas outside Ankh-Morpork (and
Djelibeybi for that matter) - I suspect that the members of the new
league do not expect to be exempt from the rules of what may happen on
guild grounds either.

At any rate, the rules againt corpse looting and dragging were passed
in 2001, which should be sufficiently early to qualify as oldschool
for most people. If instead you prefer the late 1990s' situation, then
maybe you should petition for the removal of life taking contracts. ;)


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