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Player shops are a type of real estate that can be rented by players.


A list of player shops on the Disc. There is also a list of player-run banks.

The table automatically updates from individual shop pages, when such exist, so editing should be done in the Playershop template in those.

City Location Name Owner / manager Amenities Size (square yards) Updated
DJB 14 Market Street, Northwest of bazaar The Vulgar Unicorn Xen small Nickett and Leggit counter, deluxe shop counter 100 2021-02-28
DJB 5 East Bazaar, southeast corner of Bazaar the People's Bank of Klatch Beasteater master People's Bank of Klatch counter, money changer, pickler, imp 100 2021-01-10
Ephebe 3, Paradox Avenue, near Dockside Walk That's Mall, Folks Sevyn Smithy, Large Counter 100 2021-01-10
Ephebe South side, Dockside Market, Just west of Krimat's Foreign Exchange Frazyl's Witchy Sanctuary Frazyl medium shop counter, pickler 100 2021-01-10
Ephebe Eastern edge, Southern Agora, Southern Gardens Sheba's Shoppe of Essentials Sheba medium shop counter 70 2021-01-10
Ephebe Western edge, Southern Agora, Southern Gardens Goldengrove Elauna small shop counter, imp, pickler, blackboard, money changer 70 2021-01-10
Ephebe Northeast corner, Southern Agora, Southern Gardens The Tiny Sparrow Tessa, Lovejoy, Maisie small shop counter, pickler, blackboard 50 2021-02-16
Ephebe Northwest corner, Southern Agora, Southern Gardens Protection Racket Tating small Nickett and Leggit counter, small shop counter 50 2021-01-10
Ephebe Southeast corner, Southern Agora, Southern Gardens Shop-Till-You-Drop Drygur small shop counter, imp 50 2020-12-30
Ephebe Southwest corner, Southern Agora, Southern Gardens 50 2021-01-10
Holy Wood 4 The Alley, dark alley The Blue Cumulus Esteliaar large shop counter 90 2021-11-24
AM 28 God Street, southwest Guingelot Saya medium shop counter, imp 70 2021-01-10
AM 27 God Street, north side Stabba's Bank Exterminatus, * master Stabba counter, money changer, pickler (A$0.10/item), imp 100 2021-08-13
AM 10 Welcome Soap, west of the Drum The Illuminated Teapot Quotid, Nefret medium shop counter, pickler, blackboard, imp, fireplace (to brew on), relaxing fountain (water source) 70 2021-01-10
AM 5 Attic Bee Street, south side The Bird of Paradise bank Sylfver master Fluffy Rabbits counter, money changer, pickler, blackboard 100 2021-01-10
AM Warriors' Guild Memorial Hall, Heroes street Godfathers' Lounge Naleon medium shop counter, greeter imp, pickler 70 2021-01-10
AM 14 Filigree Street, east of the Drum Puns and Pies Sylfver, Zetil deluxe shop counter, blackboard, relaxing fountain 100 2021-01-10
AM 8 Plaza of Broken Moons, southeast corner of Plaza Sleet Nickett and Leggit counter, large shop counter, Medium Bank counter 100 2021-08-04
AM 27b Pallant Street The Dragon's Nest Emily, MotherGoose large shop counter, money changer, pickler 100 2019-07-27
AM Ankh-Morpork Thieves' Guild Basement The Wise Investment Stray blackjack table, medium poker table, blackboard 100 2021-01-10
Ohulan-Cutash 2 Quayside Way, near west end, a bit north Chelonia's Powdered Plastron Testudo medium Nickett and Leggit LLC counter, medium shop counter, piano, imp, blackboard, bank counter 82 2021-05-10
Ohulan-Cutash Southwest Ohulan-Cutash Market Ramtops Remedies and Reagents Ruhsbaar large shop counter, pickler, blackboard, blackjack table 100 2021-05-10
Ohulan-Cutash Northeast Ohulan-Cutash Market, NE and E from Market Centre Eldritch Dealings Venia, None large shop counter, pickler 100 2021-05-10
Copperhead Northwest corner, Copperhead, village square The Miner's Shelter Urwan, - pickler, large shop counter 90 2021-01-25
Lancre Town 9 Lancre Town, northeast of square Lancre Lifts Falinore large shop counter, pickler, imp, blackboard 90 2021-06-05
Brass Neck 3 Brass Neck Marketplace, Southeast of marketplace Watch Yer Steppe in Brass Neck Crookshank, * small shop counter 40 2021-10-02
Escrow 10 town square, Escrow, southeast corner of square Unnamed Shop Haize, - large shop counter, imp, pickler, blackboard, majmar (for brewing), bathtub (water supply) 90 2021-01-10
BP 3a Wung-chi Lane, west of the dojo Genuine Authentick Thynges Onna Wung-Chi OnnaStick medium Stabba counter, medium shop counter, money changer 100 2021-05-10
BP 24 High Tide Road, east of covered market Mirodar's Magics Mirodar medium shop counter, Money Changer, greeter imp, pickler 70 2021-01-10
BP 5 Way of the Dragon, west of the vault Chocolate Fondue Shack Kerrie, Faithful,Machiavelli medium shop counter 100 2021-01-10
BP 2 The Merchant's Market, Golden Sow Lane, south of Blue Moon Park The Vengabus Stop Turnerette large shop counter, imp, blackboard 100 2021-01-10
BP 28 Elysien Lane, between dojo and McSweeney estate Strangle-Me-Own-Neck Dibblhume's Avenged medium shop counter, greeter imp, blackboard 80 2021-01-10
BP 2a Market Street, just east of Elysien St. Market Street Merchandise Company Gnu, Lyriana large shop counter, blackboard 100 2021-01-10
BP 22 The Serpent, sw, se, ne, ne from Aunty Ogg-San's hut Needful Things Lyriana large shop counter 80 2021-01-10
BP 11 Phoenix Avenue, northeast of Phoenix Park Chocolate Brownie Shack Kerrie large shop counter 90 2021-01-10
BP 132 Long Street, middle of northern Long Street Nickett and Leggit LLC Mirodar master Nickett and Leggit counter, money changer, blackboard, pickler, imp 100 2021-01-10
BP 18 Lover's Lane, northeast of the Medina More of Mirodar's Magics Mirodar Large Fluffy Rabbits counter, Small shop counter 70 2020-11-28
BP 2 Sampan Bay, east of Tuna Walk Amaranth's Lil Seaside Market Amaranth small shop counter, imp 50 2020-10-07
City Location Name Owner / manager Amenities Size (square yards) Updated


The owner and managers may hang a single item outside the shop as a sign.

The following table lists what 'purchase stuff' offers in a commercial property. These are like furniture that each take part of the special space available in commercial properties.

Facility Max items/balance Purchase
per week
Size taken
(square yards)
small poker table &&&&&&&&&+800000 83M S16|64de &&&&&&&&&&&&&&+0 0 10 Gambling
medium poker table &&&&&&&&+1200000 125M 0de &&&&&&&&&&&&&&+0 0 20 Gambling
large poker table &&&&&&&&+1600000 166M S33|32de &&&&&&&&&&&&&&+0 0 30 Gambling
blackjack table &&&&&&&&&+240000 25M 0de &&&&&&&&&&&&&&+0 0 15 Gambling
small shop counter 50 &&&&&&&&&+480000 50M 0de &&&&&&&&&&&&&&+0 0 40 Merchandise
medium shop counter 100 &&&&&&&&+1200000 125M 0de &&&&&&&&&&&&&&+0 0 60 Merchandise
large shop counter 150 &&&&&&&&+4400000 458M S16|64de &&&&&&&&&&&&&&+0 0 80 Merchandise
deluxe shop counter 200 &&&&&&&+14000000 1458M S16|64de &&&&&&&&&&&&&&+0 0 100 Merchandise
money changer counter &&&&&&&&&+240000 25M 0de &&&&&&&&&&&&&&+0 0 5 Money
small bank counter &&&&&&&&&+200000 20M S41|64de &&&&&&&&&+400000 41M S33|32de &&&&&&&&&&&&&&+0 0 10 Money
(medium) bank counter &&&&&&&&&+400000 41M S33|32de &&&&&&&&&+800000 83M S16|64de &&&&&&&&&&&&&&+0 0 20 Money
large bank counter &&&&&&&&&+800000 83M S16|64de &&&&&&&&+1600000 166M S33|32de &&&&&&&&&&&&&&+0 0 30 Money
huge bank counter &&&&&&&&+4000000 416M S33|32de &&&&&&&&+4000000 416M S33|32de &&&&&&&&&&&&&&+0 0 40 Money
master bank counter No limit &&&&&&&+16000000 1666M S33|32de &&&&&&&&&&&&&&+0 0 91 Money
smithy &&&&&&&&+2400000 250M 0de &&&&&&&&&&&+2000 S10|40de 20 Service
pickler &&&&&&&&&+240000 25M 0de &&&&&&&&&&&&&&+0 0 2 Service
newspaper box &&&&&&&&&&&&+900 S4|66de &&&&&&&&&&&&&&+0 0 1 Service
newspaper archive box &&&&&&&&&&&+2700 S14|6de &&&&&&&&&&&&&&+0 0 5 Service
postal counter &&&&&&&&+6400000 666M S33|32de &&&&&&&&&&&&&&+0 0 25 Service
blackboard &&&&&&&&&+240000 25M 0de &&&&&&&&&&&&&&+0 0 1 Information
caged greeter imp &&&&&&&&&+240000 25M 0de &&&&&&&&&&&&&&+0 0 1 Information
opinion poll &&&&&&&&&+240000 25M 0de &&&&&&&&&&&&&&+0 0 2 Information
Facility Max items/balance Purchase
per week
Size taken
(square yards)

Shop Counter

A shop counter allows things to be sold in the shop. They come in different sizes, which have different capacities.

You can only have one shop counter in any room, more than one will not be able to be bought.

The capacity is in maximum items for sale and there are options for the stockroom size and counter type.

The shop float is simply a bucket that the shop owner and managers can deposit any amount of local currency coins into and withdraw any sum up to the total local currency it contains from. Withdrawls from the shop float are automatically made up of the largest denominations available, eg a withdrawl of $8565 will be issued as 1 AM Crown, 5 royals, 6 ten-dollars and 5 dollars.

Options for shop counters
Stockroom size Cost
50 &&&&&&&&&&&&&&+0 0de
100 &&&&&&&&+1000000 104M S8|32de
150 &&&&&&&&+2500000 260M S20|80de
Counter type Cost
unfinished pine counter &&&&&&&&&&&&&&+0 0de
shiny polished counter &&&&&&&&&+150000 15M S31|24de
polished hardwood counter &&&&&&&&&+500000 52M S4|16de

Bank Counter

A bank comprises one master counter and any number (including zero) of franchise counters.

A franchise bank counter is connected up to a master bank counter by an option when purchased.

  • You will pay a setup fee and a monthly fee to the main bank that is settable (changeable at any time) by the owner of the master bank counter.
  • The bank balance and the float of the shop are tied together. This means that you cannot withdraw funds from a franchise counter if the shop float does not have enough money to cover the withdrawal. [1]
  • While the master counter has unlimited capacity, the franchise counters have a fixed maximum bank balance based on their size.
  • If withdrawing or depositing would make the franchise counter be off-balance greater than permitted by the counter size, then that operation will be denied. This has to be sorted out by the franchise bank counter owner with a credit note (see below).
  • Franchise counters are operated independently from the master counter. If unable to deposit/withdraw and you find the deposit/withdraw fees too high, contact the franchise bank owner.
  • If the master counter is trashed, you cannot deposit or withdraw money from the bank counters until someone replaces the master bank counter in the same shop, but your balance is saved and rent can still be paid by your account at that bank.

Look at a bank counter to see which franchise it belongs to, the current deposit rate, and the owner:

A heavily armoured and hardwood counter with a safe embedded into the surface.  A logo marks this as a franchise of [bank].
A small sign indicates that the current deposit rate is [rate] and the owner is [owner].

The franchise counter owner has to equalise the balance to prevent too full/empty balance preventing people from depositing/withdrawing. This can be done this way:

(at the franchise bank counter)
create credit note

(at the master bank counter)
process credit note <note>
  • When it is processed the person with the note either gains or looses the appropriate amount of money from their person to cover the note.
Options for a franchise bank counter
Branch Cost
per month
to open
Comments Process credit note
Genua National &&&&&&&&&+360000 37M S25|0de &&&&&&&&+2600000 270M S41|64de Npc bank Genua, Royal Avenue, north
Bing's First &&&&&&&&&+360000 37M S25|0de &&&&&&&&+2600000 270M S41|64de Npc bank AM, Upper Broadway, northeast
LFC (Lancrastian Farmers' co-op) &&&&&&&&&+360000 37M S25|0de &&&&&&&&+2600000 270M S41|64de Npc bank OC, southwest market, south
Nickett and Leggit &&&&&&&&&&&&&+48 24de &&&&&&&&&&&&+480 S2|48de Player bank BP, 132 Long Street, north
Stabba (original) &&&&&&&&&&&&+400 S2|8de &&&&&&&&&&&&+400 S2|8de Player bank AM, 27 God Street, north
Liaison Town Bank &&&&&&&&&&&&+800 S4|16de &&&&&&&&&&+80000 8M S16|64de ??? -
to Mazda's &&&&&&&&&+360000 37M S25|0de &&&&&&&&+2600000 270M S41|64de ??? -
Genua National Test &&&&&&&&&+360000 37M S25|0de &&&&&&&&+2600000 270M S41|64de ??? -
People's Bank of Klatch &&&&&&&&&&&&+400 S2|8de &&&&&&&&&&&&+400 S2|8de Player bank Djb, 5 East Bazaar, southeast corner of Bazaar
The Pineapple &&&&&&&&&&&+5760 S30|0de &&&&&&&&&&&&+960 S5|0de Discontinued player bank -
FIB (First Imperial Bank of the Empire) &&&&&&&&&+360000 37M S25|0de &&&&&&&&+2600000 270M S41|64de Npc bank BP, Rhinu Road, east
Stabbas (new duplicate) &&&&&&&&&+360000 37M S25|0de &&&&&&&&+2600000 270M S41|64de ??? Wasn't there during last update. -
Fluffy Rabbits &&&&&&&&&&&&+400 S2|8de &&&&&&&&&&&&+400 S2|8de Player bank AM, 5 Attic Bee Street, south side
Klatchian Continental &&&&&&&&&+360000 37M S25|0de &&&&&&&&+2600000 270M S41|64de Npc bank Djb, east end of Market Street, north
OCDT's bank &&&&&&&&&&+48000 5M 0de &&&&&&&&&&+24000 2M S25|0de Discontinued player bank -
Branch Cost
per month
to open
Comments Process credit note
Information valid on 2020-10-24. May change at any time.


Shops can have blackboards in them. These are placed against a wall and can be written on or cleaned.

Money Changer

Money changers may offer the facility to change coins of one denomination for coins of another denomination in the same currency (e.g. changing dollars into royals) or that of exchanging coins in one currency for those in another currency. The shop owner sets a % fee for each transaction type, and stocks the changer with coins. The fees set can be viewed with "list rates on changer".

Money changers care about the amount of each individual type of coin in them, and will only function if they contain sufficient of each type needed to carry out a transaction.

The owner pays a 1% use fee for every transaction directly from the shop float.

Newspaper Box

This will either allow you to buy a current edition of a newspaper, or both the current edition and any back issues you wish to purchase. If a shop has more than one of these, you may need to specify which one you wish to purchase from.

These seem to be currently bugged, trying to buy one fails.

Options for the newspaper box
Paper Cost
AM Daily &&&&&&&&&&&&&&+0 0de
The Green Slab &&&&&&&&&&&&&&+0 0de
Options for the newspaper archive box
Paper Cost
AM Daily &&&&&&&&&&&&&&+0 0de
The Green Slab &&&&&&&&&&&&&&+0 0de


Picklers allow players to pickle things such as body parts and vegetables that would otherwise rot and decay. Players have to pull the handle on a pickler to pickle stuff.

Postal Counter

This allows the sending and reading of letters through the in-game mud-mail system.


Can be used like other smithies to fix items, might charge a little extra.

Caged greeter imp

Says something whenever someone enters the playershop. Imps can be trained to speak messages in different languages and can also be trained to forget messages.

Opinion poll

Poll your customers!


The poker and blackjack tables can be used to play games of bluff and chance.


Some things can be done by everyone:

  • Check the royalties owed with 'royalty' or retrieve them with 'collect royalties', note that you must collect them before they expire after two weeks or you lose them.
  • 'measure property' to know how many square yards are available in that property.
  • 'waiting' to see what you submitted to sell to the shop and is on the approval list.
  • 'retrieve id' to get your item back, where id can be seen with 'waiting'.
  • 'notifications' to see and change the conditions in which you'll receive mails.

Some things can only be done by a playershop owner lease holder (or their appointees). See the help file below for a full list.

  • Summon the spulluf, which sells playershop counters - syntax: purchase stuff
    • Q: What happens to furniture in a playerhouse or a playershop when the lease changes hands? Aberlon 00:20, 9 February 2010 (UTC)
    • A: It stays in the shop and transfers to the new owner. This happened with inventory in shop counters too. Quotid (talk) 03:27, 9 December 2017 (EST)
  • > syntax functions; functions shop help list; functions shop internal; functions room help list; functions room internal
  • These functions are supposed to be part of a system of expressions that would, in theory, automate approving playershop items(!). Last I heard, no-one uses it 'cause it's broken.

The bookshop on Diamond Place, Bes Pelargic sells copies of the Shop Owner's Guide, which mentions almost every command to do with player shops (but, not unreasonably, does not duplicate the functions list).

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