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A list of player shops on the Disc

City Name Location Owner Amenities
AM Bird of Paradise Bank (BOPB) Attic Bee Elanor changer, pickler
AM Priests and Pagans Broken Moons
AM Tanglefoot Trading Company Filigree St. Ixtlan
AM Golden Gator God St. PB counter
AM Stabba's Bank God St. (N) Serakyo changer, pickler
AM The Forbidden Fruit Pallant St. KainD PB counter, changer, pickler
AM Radix Lecti Warriors' Guild Mem. Hall Andrew changer
AM The Illuminated Teapot Welcome Soap Elspeth pickler
BP The Enlightened Teacup Wung-chi La. Aisling PBOK counter, changer, pickler
BP The Duck Bill Elysien La. Platy
BP Chaser's Market Market St. Fluffy Rabbits counter
BP The Inebriated Butterfly High Tide Rd. Stabba counter, changer
BP Eye of the Storm Way of the Dragon pickler
BP The Pineapple Bank (PB) Tuc Son Al. changer, pickler
BP The Serpent
BP Phoenix Ave.
BP Long St. Ixtlan
BP Lovers La.
BP Angel Delight Sampan (SE BP) Elspeth
Brass Neck The Last Minute SE market Fole
DJB Vulgar Unicorn NW bazaar nnY
DJB People's Bank of Klatch (PBOK) SE bazaar changer, pickler
Escrow The Arcane Palace SE square Stabba bank counter
Holy Wood
Lancre Town NE market
OC The Polished Kettle NE market Angette PBOK counter
OC Zuroc's Mystikal Magik SW market Zuroc
OC Just Enough Shadows Quayside Way Aell