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Player shops are a type of real estate that can be rented by players.


A list of player shops on the Disc

City Name Location Owner Amenities Updated
AM The Birds of Paradise Bank Attic Bee Street Elanor Fluffy Rabbits bank master counter, changer, pickler October 11 2009
AM Chooxen's War On Everything Plaza of Broken Moons Chooxen PBOK bank franchise counter July 29 2009
AM Tanglefoot Trading Company Filigree Street Ixtlan May 12 2009
AM Golden Gator God Street Platy Pineapple bank franchise counter May 14 2009
AM Stabba's God Street (N) Thoughts Stabba bank master counter, changer, pickler July 29 2009
AM The Forbidden Fruit Pallant St. KainD Pineapple bank franchise counter, changer, pickler May 12 2009
AM Scribal Scribbles Warriors' Guild Mem. Hall  ? changer October 2 2009
AM The Illuminated Teapot Welcome Soap Fole, Nefret pickler July 19 2009
BP The Klatchian Outpost Wung-chi Lane Aisling PBOK bank franchise counter, changer, pickler October 11 2009
BP The Junkyard Elysien Lane October 11 2009
BP Chaser's Market Market Street Andle PBOK bank franchise counter October 11 2009
BP Loot and Stash High Tide Road Stabba bank franchise counter, smithy October 11 2009
BP Eye of the Storm Way of the Dragon pickler May 12 2009
BP La Vache Fatale Tuc Son Alley/Golden Sow lane PBoK bank franchise counter October 27 2009
BP Needful Things The Serpent Stabba bank franchise counter, pickler May 12 2009
BP Chasers War on Everything Phoenix Avenue Deluge Fluffy Rabbits bank franchise counter July 20 2009
BP The Fairer Hex Long Street Ixtlan Stabba bank franchise counter, changer October 11 2009
BP Fifteen Lovers Lane Fluffy Rabbits bank franchise counter, pickler, AM Daily box, changer August 13 2009
BP Angel Delight Sampan (SE BP) Elspeth Pickler July 19 2009
Brass Neck The Last Minute SE market Fole May 12 2009
DJB Vulgar Unicorn NW bazaar Kalip May 12 2009
DJB People's Bank of Klatch SE bazaar The Oligarchy PBOK bank master counter, changer, pickler May 12 2009
Escrow The Arcane Palace SE square Ptorgoth Stabba bank franchise counter, pickler, AM Daily box May 12 2009
Holy Wood The Den dark alley Masume Fluffy Rabbits bank franchise counter, Pickler, Changer July 23 2009
Lancre Town The Rogue Outpost NE square Akua Pineapple bank franchise counter, changer, pickler July 3 2009
OC The Polished Kettle NE market Angette PBOK bank franchise counter May 12 2009
OC Zuroc's Mystikal Magik SW market Zuroc Stabba bank franchise counter July 23 2009
OC Just Enough Shadows Quayside Way Aell May 12 2009


Bank Counters

A bank comprises one master counter and any number (including zero) of franchise counters. Franchise counters are maintained and operated by the owner of the shop in which they are located, and not the owner of the shop in which the master counter is located. If the franchise counter is either too full for you to make deposits, or too empty for you to withdraw funds, this has to be sorted out by the owner of the premises in which that franchise counter is located.

In all cases the deposit rate on the bank counter as a % of the amount deposited is controlled by the owner of the premises that each counter is located in.

In addition, you are unable to withdraw funds from a franchise counter if the shop float does not have enough money to cover the withdrawl.


Shops can have blackboards in them. These are placed against a wall and can be written on.


Money changers may offer the facility to change coins of one denomination for coins of another denomination in the same currency (e.g. changing dollars into royals) or that of exchanging coins in one currency for those in another currency. The shop owner sets a % fee for each transaction type, and stocks the changer with coins.

Newspaper Box

This will either allow you to buy a current edition of a newspaper, or both the current edition and any back issues you wish to purchase. If a shop has more than one of these, you may need to specify which one you wish to purchase from.


Picklers allow players to pickle things such as body parts and vegetables that would otherwise rot and decay.

Postal Counter

This allows the sending and reading of letters through the in-game mud-mail system.

Shop Counter

A shop counter allows things to be sold in the shop. They come in different sizes, which have different capacities.