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Command information
GP Cost 25
Learnt At 60 covert.lockpick.doors
Skills Used Covert.lockpick.doors
Items Needed N/A
Guild Available to all

Pick is a covert command that is used to unlock and lock locks on doors or containers (excluding safes), a set of lockpicks is required. On failing to pick a door there is a chance you will break your lockpick. You can also perform the reverse with the same command, locking an unlocked door/item. (Although attempting to lock a door with the pick command will lock it whether your pick is successful or not.)

The command probe is used to assess how easy a lock is to pick, and if it has any traps. Please note not all doors are pickable (you'll automatically fail/break the lockpick), some locked doors do not have visible locks at all.

It is also possible, with enough skill, to pick around any traps that may be in the lock, whether your probe showed a trap to be there, if you weren't sure, or even if you didn't perform a probe at all.

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