Pekan Ford

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Pekan Ford is a bridge with a hotel and general store.

Language and currency

The language in Pekan Ford is Morporkian (with a Sto Plains accent). The local currency is the Ankh-Morpork dollar.


No player council governs Pekan Ford.


Wanna get to Pekan Ford? Be prepared to walk! There are no carriage routes serving this location.


Player housing

There is no player housing.

Player shops

There are no player shops.

Features of Pekan Ford

The following can be found in Pekan Ford:

  • An inn


Custom Shops

  • There are no custom shops

Other Shops

  • Country Store tended to by Sue Pekan is a general store.
  • Locksmith's Workshop Here can you find Berti Boggis the locksmith if he is not wandering around.
  • Not technically part of town, to the northwest is a campfire with a travelling stall


  • The pub has a full menu including alcoholic/non-alcoholic selections and food.


Wandering Unique NPCs
  • Berti Boggis the locksmith starts wandering about once you visit his shop.
General NPCs
  • There are no general NPCs



  • A Thieves Guild outpost is located in Pekan Ford. It it fairly well equipped, considering its remote location.


  • Nearby Pekan Ford, a hedge wizard outpost can be found along the northeast road.
    • There is a wizards' bulletin board
    • Died and need a new body? For some reason, a wizard has taken up raising people from the dead. To avoid emotional upset, one probably shouldn't look too closely in the various vats.


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