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  |Light Green
  |Light Green
  |Sheer street
  |Sheer street, Sto Lat
|Light Lavender
|Sto Lat
  |Light Turquoise
  |Light Turquoise

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Paint is used for a variety of things, and comes in tins.

A tin of <colour> paint.  It has a picture of a man with a big smile on his face painting a wall.
It is in excellent condition.
It is closed.

You can add glitter to paint to make it glittery. Glitter can be found in Mr Foo's Bargain Basement Hall of Paint on Squid Walk, northwest Bes Pelargic.



The following places sell quart-sized tins of paint in varying colours:

The corner shop on the intersection of Rimwards Road and Blueberry Lane, Sto Lat sells a tin of (random?) paint for &&&&&&&&&&&&&+28 7p research If this has been marked on a page, it's because there was something that probably isn't known, that the person who edited the page thinks could be found out. Perhaps you could figure this thing out, and be famous evermore. 


Colour Colour Group Shop
Adobe Brown Djelibeybi
Amber Yellow Djelibeybi
Antique White White Bes Pelargic
Apple Green Green Bes Pelargic
Apple White White Bes Pelargic, Ephebe
Aqua Green Green Ephebe
Aqua Pearl Blue Sto Lat
Aquamarine Blue Bes Pelargic, Ephebe, Sto Lat
Azure Blue Bes Pelargic, Ephebe, Sheer street
Bay of Ephebe blue Blue Ephebe
Black Black Djelibeybi, Sheer street, Phedre road
Blood Red Red Bes Pelargic, Djelibeybi, Sheer Street
Blue Blue ?
Blushed Lavender Purple Bes Pelargic
Bold Blue Blue Djelibeybi
Bone White White Ephebe
Bourbon Gold Metallic Sto Lat
Bright Blue Blue Sheer Street
Bright Green Green Djelibeybi, Sheer street, Sto Lat
Bright Orange Orange Djelibeybi, Sheer street
Bright Pink Pink Sto Lat
Bright Red Red Djelibeybi, Sheer street, Sto Lat
Bright Turquoise Blue Ephebe
Bright Yellow Yellow Djelibeybi, Sheer street
Bronze Metallic Djelibeybi, Sheer street
Brown Brown Djelibeybi
Burgundy Red Djelibeybi, Sheer street
Burnt Umber Brown Djelibeybi
Cactus Green Green Djelibeybi
Cadet Grey Grey Bes Pelargic
Cerulean Blue Blue Ephebe
Charcoal Grey Grey Djelibeybi
Chartreuse Green Sheer street
Chestnut Brown Brown Sheer street
Chocolate Brown Brown Bes Pelargic
Clouded Grey Grey Ephebe
Clouded White White Ephebe
Cobalt Blue Blue Ephebe, Sheer street
Copper Metallic Djelibeybi, Sheer street
Cornflower Blue Blue Bes Pelargic
Cornsilk Yellow Bes Pelargic
Cream White Bes Pelargic, Djelibeybi, Sheer street
Creamy White White Ephebe
Crimson Red Bes Pelargic
Dark Blue Blue Djelibeybi, Ephebe, Sheer street
Dark Brown Brown Djelibeybi
Dark Cerulean Blue Ephebe
Dark Green Green Djelibeybi, Sheer street
Dark Orange Orange Djelibeyib, Sheer street
Dark Orchid Purple Djelibeybi, Bes Pelargic
Dark Red Red Djelibeybi, Sheer street
Dark Scarlet Red Sto Lat
Dark Turquoise Blue Ephebe
Dark Violet Purple Sto Lat
Dark Yellow Yellow Ephebe
Deep Blue Blue Ephebe
Desert Sand Yellow Djelibeybi
Djelian Yellow Yellow Ephebe
Down White White Ephebe
Eggshell Blue Blue Sheer street
Eggshell White White Ephebe
Emerald Green Green Djelibeybi
Firebrick Red Bes Pelargic
Flax White White Ephebe
Floral Green Green Djelibeybi
Floral White White Ephebe, Bes Pelargic
Forest Green Green Bes Pelargic, Sheer street
Fuschia Purple Sheer street
Genuan Bleen ? Sheer street
Genuan Blue Blue Sheer street
Ghost White White Ephebe
Gold Metallic Djelibeybi, Sheer street
Golden Yellow Yellow Sto Lat
Goldenrod Yellow Djelibeybi
Grape Blue Blue Ephebe
Grape Green Green Ephebe
Green Green Djelibeybi
Grey Grey Sto Lat
Honeydew Green Bes Pelargic
Hot Pink Pink Bes Pelargic
Indigo Purple Sheer street
Innocent White White Ephebe
Ivory White Bes Pelargic
Ivory White White Ephebe
Jade-Green Green Djelibeybi
Jet Black Black Bes Pelargic, Sto Lat
Jungle Green Green Djelibeybi
Khaki Grey Djelibeybi, Bes Pelargic
Klatchian Blue Blue Ephebe
Lavender Purple Sheer street
Lemon Chiffon Yellow Bes Pelargic
Lemon Yellow Yellow Bes Pelargic, Sheer street
Light Bamboo Green Bes Pelargic
Light Copper Metallic Sto Lat
Light Cyan Blue Bes Pelargic
Light Gold Metallic Sto Lat
Light Green Green Sheer street, Sto Lat
Light Lavender Purple Sto Lat
Light Turquoise Blue Bes Pelargic
Light Yellow Yellow Djelibeybi
Lilac Purple Sheer street
Lime Green Green Bes Pelargic
Linen White White Ephebe, Bes Pelargic
Mahogany Brown Brown Bes Pelargic
Marbled White White Djelibeybi, Ephebe, Sheer street
Maroon Red Djelibeybi, Sheer street
Metaphor Black Black Ephebe
Midnight Black Black Djelibeybi, Bes Pelargic
Midnight Blue Blue Djelibeybi
Mint Cream Green Bes Pelargic
Mint Green Green Sheer street
Mist Grey Grey Ephebe
Mother of Pearl White Ephebe
Mummy-Brown Brown Djelibeybi
Natural Green Green Djelibeybi
Natural White White Djelibeybi
Navy Blue Blue Ephebe, Bes Pelargic, Sheer street
Oasis Blue Blue Djelibeybi
Ocean Blue Blue Bes Pelargic
Ochre Orange Bes Pelargic, Sheer street
Off-White White Djelibeybi, Bes Pelargic, Sheer Street
Olive Green Green Djelibeybi, Bes Pelargic, Ephebe, Sheer street
Opal Black Black Sto Lat
Opal Green Green Sto Lat
Opaque Grey Grey Ephebe
Orange Orange ?
Pale Blue Blue Djelibeybi, Ephebe, Bes Pelargic, Sheer street, Sto Lat
Pale Bronze Metallic Sto Lat
Pale Goldenrod Yellow Bes Pelargic
Pale Green Green Sheer street
Pale Lavender Purple Sto Lat
Pale Orange Orange Sheer street
Pale Purple Purple Sto Lat
Pale Yellow Yellow Sheer street
Pastel Pink Pink Sto Lat
Peach Pink Sheer street
Pearl Grey Grey Ephebe
Pearl White White Sto Lat
Pink Pink Sheer Street
Plum Purple Djelibeybi, Bes Pelargic
Pomelo Pink Djelibeybi
Pumpkin Orange Orange Bes Pelargic
Pure White White Ephebe
Purple Purple Djelibeybi, Sheer street
Raindrop Grey Grey Ephebe
Red Red Phedre road
Rosy Brown Brown Bes Pelargic
Ruby Red Red Djelibeybi
Rust Brown Djelibeybi
Saffron Yellow Djelibeybi
Sand Yellow Yellow Ephebe
Sandy Beige Yellow Ephebe
Sandy Ochre Orange Djelibeybi
Sandy White White Ephebe
Sapphire Blue Blue Ephebe
Scarlet Red Djelibeybi, Bes Pelargic, Sheer street
Sea Green Green Ephebe, Sheer Street
Seashell White Bes Pelargic
Seashell White White Ephebe
Seaweed-coloured Green Ephebe
Serene Blue Blue Ephebe
Sienna Orange Djelibeybi, Bes Pelargic
Silver Metallic Djelibeybi, Sheer street
Silvery Blue Blue Ephebe
Simile Black Black Ephebe
Sky Blue Blue Djelibeybi, Ephebe, Sheer street
Slate Blue Blue Bes Pelargic
Slate Grey Grey Djelibeybi, Bes Pelargic, Sheer Street
Snow White White Bes Pelargic
Snowdrop White White Ephebe, Bes Pelargic
Snowy White White Ephebe
Soft Grey Grey Djelibeybi
Soft White White Djellibeybi
Stone-washed Grey Grey Bes Pelargic
Storm-Cloud Grey Grey Ephebe
Stormy Grey Grey Bes Pelargic
Sunset Orange Orange Djelibeybi
Sunshine Yellow Yellow Djelibeybi
Tan Orange Djelibeybi, Bes Pelargic
Terracota Red Djelibeybi
Terracotta Red Bes Pelargic, Sheer Street
Tomato Red Red Bes Pelargic
Turquoise Blue Djelibeybi, Ephebe, Sheer street
Twilight Purple Purple Djelibeybi
Ultramarine Blue Ephebe
Violet Purple Djelibeybi, Sheer street
Virginal White White Ephebe
Wheat Yellow Bes Pelargic
Whipped Papaya Yellow Bes Pelargic
White White Djelibeybi, Sheer street, Phedre Road
Wine-Dark Purple Purple Ephebe
Yellow Yellow Bes Pelargic
Yellow Green Yellow Sto Lat