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The ruins of an old combat arena was retrofitted to be used again as announced here .

It is located in the Tsortean desert roughly southwest of the Klatchian Foreign Legion camp and roughly south-southeast of the city of Tsort.

To reach it you can go north from Djelibeybi, pass the bridge, then journey west until you arrive at a Collection of small buildings aka the Lower Djel Trading Post then journey west 3 times and go directly north. If you go too far west on the road and reach Ur you missed it, try to journey 5 times east then go directly north.

To fight or indeed enter into the killing area of the arena you must be PK.

The NPCs there speak Ephebian.


  • A PK-only Champions' box to watch the fights.
  • Spectator stands for non-PKs.
  • Throw-Myself-To-The-Lions Dublar offers dubious fast foods made from a large variety of animals in the spectator stands.
  • Zahria of Reebox, a former Pishite, provides Raise Dead and Restore services in the baths outside the morgue.
  • Scoreboards showing victory statistics.