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God information
Deity Great Orm
Finger Nothing is known about this religion.

He currently can't be worshipped.

Areas  ?
Priests' Alignment min:


Major Shield
Holy symbol
References mentioned in Pyramids
Finger Finger information on Orm (login required)

The Great God of the Strict Authorized Ormits. He can usually be found residing in one of the Nether Hells. As of the Year of the Cobra there are only two known worshippers left; a student assassin (Arthur Ludorum) and his mother. The correct worshipping of Orm seems to consist of sacrificing a goat within a double circle with occult runes, a sprig of herbs and a rope of skulls. It is said that, as a punishment for not worshipping him, Orm comes in the night, winds out your entrails on a stick and sucks out your eyeballs. By the completion of his assassin training, Arthur appears to have become a "lapsed Ormite", having noticed the aforementioned punishment never happened.