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Oregano is tall perennial herb with purple flowers and fuzzy leaves. It is commonly used as a spice in cooking.

This plant looks very... green.


There are no known uses for oregano.

It is not poisonous to eat

There are no effects if one does eat it.


Oregano can be gathered/found in the following locations:

Oregano can be bought at the following locations:

  • Ankh-Morpork
    • Laughing Falafel (pre-ground in packets)
  • Djelibeybi
    • Traveling spice stall - Market (pre-ground in packets)
  • Ephebe
    • Bakery stall (drowsy dread-locked girl) - Harbour Market
  • Genua
    • Fragrant Stall - Triangle Market (pre-ground in packets)
    • Grocery - Little Brindisi