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Oplaphoros runs a small weapons shop on Hypothetical Road in Ephebe. The shop is described as "a dusty room" and sells Ephebian-themed weaponry and shields with a focus on polearms.

Note that unlike most shops, you have to treat Oplaphoros as a contractor. list goods from Oplaphoros to see what he has in stock, then browse <item> from Oplaphoros to see more details.

This means you must speak Ephebian well enough to be understood by NPCs (level 60+).


Besides speaking the local language, you must be male or suitably disguised to successfully browse an item from Oplaphoros:

Oplaphoros says in Ephebian with an Ephebian accent: A woman's place is in the house.  She certainly shouldn't be trying to use weapons.

To actually purchase a weapon you require 'expertise' with it. This appears to be a combination of the relevant fighting.melee sub-skill and people.culture.ephebian bonuses.


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