Old Auntie Ogg-San

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Old Aunty Ogg-San (Real name: Gertie Ogg) is the leader of the witches guild in Bes Pelargic.


Aunty Ogg-San dresses in plain black auriental attire, along with the regulation pointy black witches hat. She has lost most of her teeth, and has eighty warts.

Old Auntie Ogg-San is standing here.

Old Auntie is a bit of a local Oddity, with her black pointy hat, warts and three remaining teeth.  She is originally from a long way off, from the mountains far outside The Wall and across the sea.  She went out one day (when she was just Young Gertie) to go gather some sticks and just kept on going.  Eventually she wound up here, met a young local man, decided she had enough sticks to last her a lifetime, settled down and has, as she puts it 'Gorn Native'.  She is unfailingly cheerful, overseeing her huge extended family with a rod of iron and always ready to help out with potions and bits of herb lore she learnt on her travels.  There are rumours that she is a witch, but of course Officially, there's no such thing as magic, so she can't be, can she?
She is in good shape.
She is standing.
You can't help but notice eighty warts upon her face.
Wearing : a pair of padded tabi, a pair of geta, a pair of black pyjama bottoms, a black pyjama top and a pointy black hat.


Aunty Ogg-San is to be found in her small cluttered hut, north of where the Serpent meets Snake Parade and Bridge Lane in Bes Pelargic.

Guild roles

Aunty Ogg-San fulfills most of the same roles of Granny Weatherwax:

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