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An Oilstone is an object that can be used to hone a weapon, possibly better than it is possible to do in a smithy.


The oilstone and the oil can used to oil it can be found in Ankh-Morpork smithies and might be found in other smithies later.

The oilstone can be browse appraised as:

The oilstone is priced at A$10 and looks like:
This is a small brick of hard, gritty stone which is traditionally soaked in oil and used to sharpen knives, scissors, axes, swords and similar sharp-edged items.  It should probably be oiled if you want to hone anything with it.
It is in very good condition.
The oilstone is about six inches long and a couple of inches wide.  It is made of stone.  It is in very good condition.

The oilstone weighs 5/9 lb.

The oil can can be browse appraised as:

The oil can is priced at A$2 and looks like:
This small metal can holds a small amount of oil which can be delivered through a spout.
The oil can is about six inches long and three inches wide.  It is made of brass.

The oil can weighs 5/9 lb.


Hone only works with weapons that have a sharp edge. Hone costs 20 craft GP and a certain level of crafts.smithing.black.weapons is needed.

The oilstone has to have been oiled recently enough to be able to be used to hone a weapon.

oil {stone|oilstone} with [oil] can

Then you can try to hone it

hone <weapon> {on|with} {stone|oilstone}
You hone your [weapon] on your oilstone.


[weapon] is as sharp as an oilstone can make it.

Failing to hone properly might deal damage.

You try to hone your [weapon], but damage it slightly instead.

When you're really lucky, you might TM crafts.smithing.black.weapons:

You perceive a greater understanding of weaponsmithing.

External links

Discworld help

The help file does not appear to be available online. It is thus reproduced below.

Oilstones                                     Discworld item help                                    Oilstones

     Oilstones - Keeping Weapons Sharp

     oil {stone|oilstone} with [oil] can               
     hone <weapon> {on|with} {stone|oilstone}           

     An oilstone allows you to hone a sharp edged weapon.  Oilstones need to be oiled before they are         
     used.  You should also be aware that handling sharp weapons with oily hands is a skilled task, and
     mistakes can be painful.  Your skill in weaponsmithing will determine your success or failure.
     Every time you hone a weapon a small amount of metal is removed, so eventually you will have to
     visit a smithy to restore the weapon to its original form.  Additionally, honing can only restore
     the edge to a weapon that is in otherwise good condition.
     You may notice that sometimes you might not be able to fix your weapons in a smithy after you have
     honed it, which seems contradictory to what has been said in this helpfile.  This is because you can
     only fix your weapon in a smithy when it is damaged enough to warrant smithing.  Additionally,
     depending upon your success at smithing, it might be possible to hone a weapon to a sharper edge
     after it has been smithed. 

     > oil stone with can
     You oil your oilstone with your oil can.
     > hone katana on stone
     You hone your katana on your oilstone.