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This page is about a source of missions / jobs.

Business is slow at J. Smyttles, General Traders--the general shop in Ohulan Cutash--and the shopkeeper would like some help selling some of his stock. The jobs involve attempting to sell various items to the town's inhabitants. This uses (and can tm) the people.trading.selling skill and there are three difficulty levels: junior, senior, and expert. It has been improved in many ways since introduction.

Starting the job

You first need to say "I want a job" then "yes", then say what difficulty you want, then confirm you want it.


The shopkeeper will then require some collateral before he will let you have the items, but he will return it if you sell all the items or return all you did not sell to him using give <items> to the shopkeeper. If you lose just one item, however, you will have to forfeit your whole collateral (say I forfeit.). Thus, depending on the worth of the items, it might very well be financially more advantageous to "quit" and forfeit your collateral and reward (which can be a lot less than the collateral) and sell the remaining items.research

The items to sell

You will be given a batch of 5 items to sell within 30 minutes (real time). After you sell the last item of the first batch you will have 10 minutes to go back and say "report" to the shopkeeper to get the second batch of items.

Beware that if you cannot handle the weight or number of items they will be placed on the ground. This can be a problem especially with the senior level missions, which involve armour and weaponry.

Selling items

The syntax for selling is: sell <object> to <living>. An attempt takes 30 people gp.

You can only try to sell an item to the npc types that the shopkeeper mentions at the start of the mission. You can keep trying on the same npc until you succeed, but this can use a lot of gp very fast.

It is possible to sell more than one item to the same npc but it becomes harder the more you've sold to that npc until some time has passedresearch.

After the first sale the task is "slightly harder" and after two sales it's "a lot harder". After the third sale, it's "almost impossible".

There is no interaction of sale difficulty with other players selling stuff.

Some stat effects like from wearing a bronze helm can help by improving your selling bonus, which is 4 parts intelligence and 1 part wisdom.


A 118 seeling bonus is enough to do the junior job easily, but not the senior job. A 132 selling bonus is enough to do the junior jobs easily (usually being able to sell on the first try), and the senior jobs with more difficulty (usually taking several tries for one npc). It does not seem to be enough for the expert jobs. A 191 bonus is enough for the expert jobs, although it can take a few tries.

Rewards and wrapping up

When you're finished you gain experience and you have two weeks to go back to the shopkeeper and say "done" to get back your collateral, give the sales money to the shopkeeper and receive your reward, which is a little bit of money.

If you did not sell all items you need to give them back to the shopkeeper or "forfeit" your whole collateral before the shopkeeper accepts your "job done" claim.

The (full) reward varies for the different levels:

  • Junior: 14400 xp and &&&&&&&&&&&+3168 LC 1|10|-
  • Senior: 16800 xp and &&&&&&&&&&&+3168 LC 1|10|-
  • Expert: 19200 xp and &&&&&&&&&&&+3888 LC 2|3|-

If you repeat a job of a certain level too quickly, you'll only get half the xp, and if you continue repeating it, the xp reward will keep getting halved.

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