Ohulan Cutash

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Ohulan Cutash is a thriving market town, situated near to the border of the Sto Plains with the Ramtops.


Some distance to the west of Ohulan Cutash is Gloomy Forest, while close to the northeast is the Hunter's camp and not too far to the east is the Lancre customs troll's bridge leading to Lancre kingdom, near Mad Stoat.

Language and currency

The language in Ohulan Cutash is Morporkian (with an Ohulan accent). The local currency is the Lancre crown.


Currently no player council governs Ohulan Cutash, or regulates its player houses and shops.

Crime and Punishment

The following actions are crimes in Ohulan Cutash:

  • Attacking any shopkeeper.
  • Being caught stealing from a shop.
  • Killing the lost-looking cartographer.

Once a player has been detected as having committed a crime, all shopkeepers will refuse to sell to them. Players can clear their record by going to the jail south from the SE corner of the market square, and serving time (half an hour in Discworld time) for their crimes. Alternately, they can be bailed for the sum of 5 crowns.

While not precisely a "crime", if a player tries to attach Miss Penny Laced, they will be struck by confusion and wander around for several minutes uncontrollably.


All property in Ohulan Cutash is handled from the real estate stall in Lancre Town.

Player housing

Player housing is in place in Ohulan Cutash, and is currently available for rent.

Player shops

There are player shops in the following locations in Ohulan Cutash:


The center of Ohulan Cutash is dominated by its market square. From there:

  • To the west lie shops and an outpost of the Assassins' Guild.
  • To the east lie shops and player housing.
  • To the north are the docks backing onto the upper Ankh river.
  • To the south is a collection of temples.


The following facilities can be found in Ohulan Cutash:

  • A smithy is at the western end of Lancre street.
  • A leatherworking shop is on Sto Street.
  • There is a vault on Dock Street.
  • Ralph Womblefluff the retrophrenologist lives on Long Street.
  • The shrine to the Small Gods on Sinners' Walk can raise dead players. It also raises wisdom if you stay a while inside. If you leave and enter again it raises wisdom a second time. If you have a stat loss resulting from berserk, it will disappear here faster than normal.
  • The Lancrastian Farmers' Cooperative Bank is south from the SW corner of the market square.
  • There is a money changer on Lancre Street.
  • A frog bulletin board can be found in the Fiddler's Riddle tavern on Long Alley.
  • There is a post office north from the NW corner of the square.


Assassins' Guild

An assassin guild output can be reached from the aptly named Assassin Alley, a concealed street just off Quayside way.

Witches' Guild

Witches can make use of Hilta Goatfounder's stall, on the northeastern side of the square.

Priests' Guild

Temples to Gufnork and Sek can be found on Sinners' Walk.


There is a garden off Riverwind Road with herbs and flowers.

The herbs that can be gathered in the garden are: foxglove, belladonna, monkshood and bryony.

It is also possible to gather ivy seeds.

During the summer there are also some blackberries.

Carrots are found here, but they may be season dependent.

Non-component gatherables include:


The following shops can be found in Ohulan Cutash:

Market square
  • J. Smyttles General Store is north from the NE corner of the square.
  • The well illuminated stall in the NW corner sells light sources.
  • A bric-a-brac stall on the north side sells random small useful items.
  • Hilta Goatfounder's stall in the NE corner sells magic items.
  • An alcohol stall on the east side sells various alcoholic beverages.
  • There is a towel stall in the SE corner of the square.
  • A clothes stall on the south side sells socks. Only socks.
  • The strange stall in the SW corner sells talker rings and pickling sticks.
  • A bread stall on the west side sells bread and cake.
Sto Street
  • Mary's boutique sells a small selection of cheap clothing.
Lancre Street
  • An armoury sells various items of cheap leather, wood and steel armour.
  • A weapons shop sells a wide variety of cheap weapons.
Dock Street
  • A pie shop sells strangely familiar pies. Upstairs is a Tonsorial Parlour.
Long Alley
  • The Fiddler's Riddle tavern sells beer.
Riverwind Road
  • The 'Fired Fox' docked at the end of the road sells furniture locks.


General NPCs

The following general NPCs may be found wandering Ohulan's streets:

  • Zoon sailors - famed for their inability to lie, valued for the gold jewellery.
  • Drunken sailors - similar to Zoons, but with lesser charm and wealth.
  • Strongarms - reasonable fighters, who use a variety of sword-type weapons.
  • Soldiers - average fighters armed with sword and shield.
  • Town guards guard the entrance and exits from the town.
  • Tramps, who occasionally beg for money.
  • Farmers bringing their livestock to market.
  • Peasants returning from working in the fields.
  • Various animals, including rats, dogs and cows.

Unique NPCs

The following unique NPCs can be found on the streets of Ohulan Cutash:

  • Bessie the cow - a cow that wanders around the market square. She can be milked.
  • The mommet - a dangerous scarecrow that is usually dormant on Riverwind Road.