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Octathlon: Rules and details

What it is: Wizard Games.

When: 10th of May, 15:00 server time (GMT +1), link to check your timezone: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converted.html?iso=20140510T15&p1=136&p2=137&p3=176&p4=240

There will be seven-plus-one events. Each is described in much more detail below. As a safe estimate, assume the Octathlon will last 3.5 hours. In theory, I think it shouldn't last more than 2.5

1. Procession and Fireworks Contest
2. Crondor's Random Drinking Game
3. Illusion Contest
4. The Quiz
5. Klein's Contest
6. Truly Original Game of Running Around And Bringing Back Evidence
7. Donation Drive
7+1. Closing Ceremony

Please don't bring pets, chatty items, clouds etc. The spam would be unbearable, particularly for our blind players.

I will need a few helpers during the event. They don't have to be wizards, but it helps. They can compete as well, just not during the event in which they're helping. Send me a tell or a mudmail if you're interested.

So far, we have donations of about $45,000 in cash, and several items, with the crown jewel being the Shelox carapace, courtesy of Calais the Magnificent and Usually Wonderful.
There will be an abundance of CCC components, KS tower shields, healing tea, permalights and crafts. Bronze helms, blorps and vouchers for shops will also be there.
Regarding monetary prizes, my hope is to give every winner of a solo event (#1, #2, #3 and #5) just a single coin (an Ankh-Morpork crown), and something like $1600 and $800 for the 2nd and 3rd place. Taking into account the 2 group events, the additional items that will have to be bought and various other expenses, there's not yet enough money to do this, so please donate!


1. The Procession/AIW contest
TL;DR: We'll walk from the Drum to the UU, the competitors will shoot AIW fireworks with witty text.

Every adventure starts in a tavern. We will meet in front of the Drum and slowly walk to the UU (I'm curious to see if there's a limit to how many people can 'follow' one person).
I encourage every participant of the procession to be as spammy as possible. Throw firecrackers, shoot colourful AIWs, shout and sing and cry -- let everyone know that we are wizards.

At three points during the procession, I will announce a theme. Please DO NOT spam at this point, so that we may read the entries easily.
The competitors will then have two minutes to cast AIW with the text of the fireworks adhering to the theme. The wizards will vote for the winner of each round, and the overall ranking will be determined by adding the votes from all 3 rounds.

The text must be in the format: <your name>: <text> to make voting easy and prevent cheating.
For example, if the theme were "The importance of trousers", I would "cast aiw", followed by "firewrite Camelion: No such thing!".

Advice: Remember that you can use colour codes (e.g. This text is red; "help colours") in your fireworks. Remember to test how they work and your character limits, and make sure you bring enough components, lest you embarrass yourself.

2. Crondor's Random Drinking Game
TL;DR: Pick a closed jar and gulp down its contents. The last person standing wins.

I will place many closed jars on the floor, each filled with a drink. Each contestant will pick one and drink its /entire/ contents. You may need to "drink jar" up to three times to make sure of this, so best to queue that immediately.
I will loudly say something like "Contestants, pick a jar" and "Contestants, drink now" to coordinate.

After the contents have been gulped down, the empty jars will be returned to me or my helper. If you return a jar with even a drop left, you will be disqualified. The same goes if you drink from anything else other than the jars you pick, or if someone purges the alcohol from you.

There will be a brief waiting period between each round (20ish seconds) to allow the alcohol to take hold. I will announce the beginning of each round in big red letters so no one misses it in the spam.

3. The Illusion Contest
TL;DR: Cast an entertaining TIG illusion on the theme of "Summoning a familiar".

After everyone has been lubricated by the drinks, we will move to the Institute of Illusionary Learning for the TIG contest.
Each competitor will have a minute for their performance. The performance can include up to three illusions. You may also do other minor actions to scaffold your illusions (e.g. octograve, soul).

Competitors, give me a piece of paper with your name on it. I will randomly draw them from a bag to determine the order. If you miss your call, don't worry, the paper goes back in the bag (but don't overdo it, I'll get hungry and eat it).

Mark the beginning and end of your performance by saying something like "I am now starting my performance." and "I have finished my performance." It will help keep things flowing.

If you can't make it to the event, you can send me the scroll(s) with your illusion and I will cast it in your name.

4. The Quiz
TL;DR: 15-20 questions, first team to answer correctly wins a point.

Teams will be randomly picked. The exact method will depend on the number of competitors. I hope we get to roll dice!

Each round, I will read a question. The first team to answer it correctly wins. If no one answers within a minute, we move on to the next question.

In case of a tie, there will be one last 'sudden death' question to determine the winner.

5. Klein's Contest
TL;DR: Library run to fill an empty bottle to +1 int.

I will publish another update on this no later than this Friday, so take this with a grain of pie. There might be a few subtle modifications added to prevent cheesy victories.

Each contestant is to send me an empty Klein bottle PRIOR TO THE OCTATHLON with their name on it (or give it to me personally). I will sign the bottle, and it will be returned to you at the start of this contest.

The contestants are to enter the Library and return with the Klein bottle filled to give +1 to their intelligence.

Read about them on the wiki; remember that they have to be bonded to you by a witch.

6. Truly Original Game of Running Around and Bringing Back Evidence

Team captains will be selected. Somehow. The captains will then take turns picking team members. Each team will get a sack containing the list of items they must procure. The first team to return with all the items wins. In case of time running out (20-30 minutes time limit, to be determined), the team with the most items wins.

This game is fitting for both newbies and oldbies! Some items will be easy to come by, some very difficult.

I can't say much more without spoiling, but I believe this will be a great event.

7. Donation Drive
TL;DR: Collecting donations for the Faculty's newbie fund.

In order to make the Octathlon briefer, I have decided to make this an ongoing thing instead of an event in its own right. A helper will walk around the Octathlon and prompt people to buy donation certificates. The donations will go to the Wibble Fund of the Faculty club, which gives scholarships to newbie wizards.

Right now I'm planning on having $100 (Royal Donation), $500 (Newbie Adoption) and $2500 (Great Benefactor) certificates. Perhaps I'll add a few $8000 ones (Octadonor? Crown Donation?).

8. Closing Ceremony
TL;DR: Giving awards and recognitions.

We will move to the tree in the Bes Pelargic guild.

The best three in every (solo) event will be awarded. Harder to say for team events - not sure how many teams or donations we'll have - but the first two teams will definitely be awarded.

Each Senior wizard will be given a staff made to fit their order. I've been crafting those staves for the last few weeks, and they're currently displayed at the Royal Museum in AM (SE, W from the entrance - check them out while they're there!).

Finally, people who have been of extraordinary service to our guild will be given unique certificates:

Andschana, for her years of hosting Sekiri's site,
Balzaar, for taking over the spellcheck project site, and
Phabian, for letting Faculty have the clubhouse he wanted.

I am truly grateful to each of them for their altruistic work, and the signatures on their certificates will testify that I am not alone in this.

For the afterparty, we'll go to the sandy beaches of Brown Islands. Bring your formal beach attire.

PS. I've also heard it through the grapevine that there will be a "Best Geryon Award", but I'm really not sure what all that's about.

Octathlon winners and prizes

Who knew trying to allocate the prizes would be so difficult!
I think doing so after the winners were known allows for a better distribution. I took into consideration people who got multiple awards so they wouldn't end up with the same item twice, but rather with a different item of equal value. This is mostly felt in the illusion awards -- everyone agreed that all the performances were excellent so I allocated it a bit more money and distributed it more evenly.

This would have been entirely impossible without the generosity of the sponsors, whom I will fluff verbosely on the Fluff board, but also name here. Show them your appreciation.

The businesses: Dragon's Nest (on Pallant), AM Daily, The Green Slab, The Hard Rocks-In-It (Filigree), The Crow's Nest (old warrior guild), BoP bank (Attic Bee), Camelion's Permalights (Holy Wood), The Illuminated Teapot (witches' shop) and Needful Things (Serpent, BP).
Everyone can deposit their prize money at a 1% fee at BoP bank (contact DTrain or me).

Individual donors: Calais (THE GUY WHO GAVE THE CARAPACE), Gnu, Sabbath, Andschana, Lyna, Dialapishe, Celes and Doug, Zeur, Nuoun, Distran, Westley, Noxious (huge fluffs, Nox!), Mavado, Narcs, Zube, Pterrific, Exoth, Elorf, Saiya (whom I keep forgetting!!)

Councils: AM Council

Organization helpers: Noxious (who helped me plan the whole thing), DTrain (jumped in at last minute's notice to mix your drinks), Magnus (the backup taxi), Heretics and Phyre (who have missed half the games running ahead of us and decorating), Farah (who stole the Klein bottles and hid in the Library) and Djimi (who spammed you all to get you to come). There's also Jeanie, who helped banish the alcohol demons without even being asked to.

If I forgot anyone, do tell me to edit.

Some money was unspent. It will be given to every other-than-winning participant, some deposited into Faculty's Wibble Fund, and the rest into a new Faculty account to be saved for the next games. I've also misplaced some delusion vouchers... I'll find them eventually.

ANYWAY. The list you came for. Winners, contact me directly so I can give you the prizes, I dare not send them through the post office.

Winning teams: Decide for yourself how you wish to split them (this should be fun).

EDIT: I managed to lose 2 of Saiya's KS tower shield donations. To make up, I will give a masterwork, personalized oak walking stick to any person mentioned below who didn't receive a stick already. Contact me with your wishes.

1. Fireworks Contest
1. Stardust $8000, masterwork rowan (stick + pen), magnificent silver ring, frosted wine bottle
2. Celes $1600, permalight voucher, ruby red crystal bubble earrings, frosted wine bottle
3. Narcs $800, 1 miniature wizard robe (a hat!), 1 barrel Lyna's tea (604), 25 casts of CCC, frosted wine bottle

2. Crondor's Drinking Game
1. Djimi $8000, masterwork rowan (stick + pen), magnificent silver ring, frosted wine bottle, Andschana's antidote
2. DeGrasse $1600, permalight voucher, masterwork oak (stick + pen), frosted wine bottle, Andschana's antidote
3. Rosalind $800, 1 barrel Sabbath's tea (500), 25 casts of CCC, frosted wine bottle, Andschana's antidote
The first person to pass out is also awarded:
n. Magnus - 3x bottles of absinthe, AM title voucher, seamstresses voucher, Andschana's antidote

3. Klein's Contest
1. Narcs $8000, masterwork rowan (stick + pen), magnificent silver ring
2. Stardust $1600, permalight voucher
3. Rosalind $800, 1 voucher max enchantment, 5x pmp, masterwork oak (stick + pen)
4. Saiya AM title voucher, BoP discount voucher, frosted wine bottle

4. Illusion Contest
1. Stardust $3000, Carapace, magnificent silver ring
2. Celes $3000, 2 delusion vouchers, 13x pmp masterwork rowan (stick + pen)
3. Narcs $3000, permalight voucher
3. Bartleby $3000, iron gauntlets, masterwork oak (stick + pen), frosted wine bottle
4. Elorf $1600, BoP discount voucher, masterwork oak (stick + pen), frosted wine bottle

5. The Quiz
1. Team Knob (Eza, Celes, Degrasse, Taido, Stardust)
- 2000 rhinu
- 3x KS tower shield
- permalight voucher
- voucher ($500) for Dragon's Nest
- 3 vouchers ($100) for Dragon's NEst
- bronze helm
- 1 blued Ks knife
- Gebra steel dory
- 50 casts of CCC
- masterwork rowan (stick + pen)
- blackened iron staff (from Dave the Necromancer)

2. Team Custard (Rosalind, Djimi, Dalziel, Elorf, Ricochet)
- 2000 dollars
- 1 large copper wall shield
- permalight voucher
- grflx scale
- 2 AM title vouchers
- 2 vouchers ($100) for Dragon's Nest
- 1 flat cap
- Gebra steel dory
- 30 casts of CCC
- masterwork oak (stick + pen)
- jagged sparkly knife

3. Team Scroll Changes (Saiya (replaced by ArbitRage), Deramius, Ascdren, Narcs)
- DjToon 2000
- mirrored timepiece perma
- 2 AM title vouchers
- 1 copper shield
- 2 seamstress vouchers

6. The Item Hunt
1. Team Fire Bunny (Ascdren, Stardust, Narcs, Saiya, Ricochet, Nuoun)
- 2000 rhinu
- 3x KS tower shield
- permalight voucher
- 1 voucher 5x rose rhodonite blorps
- 1 rough Ks knife
- bronze helm
- Gebra steel dory
- 2x makhaira
- 10x pmp
- 1 box of 12 black gold ring hunting blorples
- 50 casts of CCC
- 4 bottles of Andschana's antidote
- masterwork rowan (stick + pen)
EDIT: - voucher for any one item from The Hard Rocks-In-It

2. Team Thaum (Eza, Taido, ArbitRage, Celes, Deramius, Bartleby)
- 2000 dollars
- 1 small ks wall shield
- 6 vouchers for being dragged for an hour of hunting
- permalight voucher
- 1 scalpel
- Gebra steel dory
- platinum dagger
- 2 boxes of 12 black gold ring hunting blorples
- 40 casts of CCC
- 3 bottles of antidote
- masterwork oak (stick + pen)

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