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Octathlon 2014

Date: 10 May 2014

Time: Started at 15:00 BPT, ended 6-7 hours later.


The Procession

The start was outside the Mended Drum, it took some time to get started though. For the parade was filled with runtime errors, religious zealotry and lag. Eventually it was cancelled and the first contest started.

The AIW Contest

Participants: Many wizards and other people who joined in

Winners: 1st Stardust, 2nd Celes,


Place: Unseen University's quadrangle

Crondor's Random Drinking Game


Winners: 1st Djimi, 2nd deGrass, 3rd Rosalind


Place: Unseen University's dining hall

The Illusion Contest


Winners: 1st Stardust, 2nd Celes, 3rd Everyone else, 4th Elorf


Place: Illusionary Institute of Learning

Naturally the performances were grander at the contest. Yet here we try to bring the experience back, without any ado, the Illusions:

Elorf's Phoenix

Elorf Mctak thumps his staff loudly, desperately trying to get attention.
Elorf Mctak pulls out a pipe and spreads mysteriously tobacco over the octogram.
Sparks jump off the tobacco, slowly growing into a towering inferno!
Flames twist and screech, moulding themselves into a bird-like shape.
Gracefully the Phoenix unfolds and looks at the audience with suspicion before making a Humph! sound and soars away towards the sun.

Celes' Red Dragon aka Killer Rabbit

Celes Blow-Pop turns her hat over, and pulls out a white rabbit.
Celes Blow-Pop hugs the white rabbit like a true friend.
Celes Blow-Pop throws the white rabbit high into the air!
Celes Blow-Pop shouts: Big.. lizard.. thing! I summon you to do my bidding!

A winged figure appears on the horizon, racing like the wind, its large shadow sweeping across the land.
You hear a vicious, snapping sound, far above you!

The massive creature banks in the sky directly above you, then soars, silently, out of sight, wind filling its powerful leathery wings.

The white rabbit never comes back down.

Celes Blow-Pop places a frosted cupcake on the ground, then concentrates on it intensely.
Celes Blow-Pop ominously whispers, "Here dragon, dragon.."

The lights in the room flicker, then dim to near total darkness.
A blast of incredible heat and smoke hits you from above!
The ash in the air burns your eyes!

Someone says with a Draconic accent: "You try my patience, wizard."
You hear a deep, rumbling, "Om, nom. nom.."

You wipe your watering eyes as the itchy black smoke clears away.
Your vision returns.

The cupcake on the ground... It's gone!

Celes Blow-Pop blows a metal whistle.

The ground trembles as a large red dragon lands next to you!
The large red dragon turns an angry eye towards Celes Blow-Pop.
Preparing to erupt with flames, the large red dragon stands on its hind legs and draws a DEEP breath!

Celes Blow-Pop throws a white rabbit at the large red dragon and hits!
The white rabbit bites the large red dragon's neck!
Celes Blow-Pop has dealt the death blow to the large red dragon.

Celes Blow-Pop turns over her hat, and the white rabbit hops back in.

Klein's Contest

Participants: ArbitRage, Narcs, Rosalind, Saiya and Stardust

Winners: 1st Narcs, 2nd Stardust, 3rd Rosalind


Place: The Library

The Quiz

Team Knob: Eza, Celes, DeGrasse, Taido, Stardust
Points: 10 (mostly Stardust)

Team Custard: Rosalind, Djimi, Dalziel, Elorf, Ricochet
Points: 6

Team Scroll Changes: Saiya, Deramius, Ascdren, Narcs, Bartleby (joined in later?)
Points: 1

Winners: 1st Team Knob, 2nd Team Custard


Place: Unseen University's dining hall

Truly Original Game of Running Around and Bringing Back Evidence




Place: Bes Pelargic L-space Bubble

Closing Ceremony