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Octathlon 2014

Date: 10 May 2014 Time: 15:00 BPT Place : Various Wizard Guilds


The Procession

The start was outside the Mended Drum, it took some time to get started though. For the parade was filled with runtime errors, religious zealotry and lag. Eventually it was cancelled and the first contest started!

The AIW Contest

Participants: Nearly every wizard online (yes, yes, this list needs to be expanded. Will search the log) Winners: 1th Stardust, 2th Celes, Awards:

Crondor's Random Drinking Game

Participants: Winners: 1th Djimi, 2th deGrass, 3th Rosalind Awards:

The Illusion Contest

Participants: Winners: 1th Stardust, 2th Celes, 3th Everyone else, 4th Elorf Awards:

Klein's Contest

Participants: ArbitRage, Narcs, Rosalind, Saiya and Stardust Winners: Awards: 1th Farah, 2th Narcs, 3th Rosalind

The Quiz

Participants: Winners: Awards:

Truly Original Game of Running Around and Bringing Back Evidence

Participants: Winners: Awards:

Closing Ceremony