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Musical instruments Information
Type Wind
Tuneable No
Mallet No
To play, must be... Held
Size 6" x 4"
Weight 5/9 lb
Material Ceramic
Other None


The ocarina is an oval-shaped ceramic wind instrument with twelve finger holes arranged in a curved ring around the surface and a protruding mouthpiece. It looks like it would be quite easy to play.

Where Found

Public area

  • None


  • None




Bonus Range Message
152-195 You play a monotonous tune on your ocarina.
152 You play a boring tune on your ocarina.
152 You timidly play a slow and simple tune on your ocarina.
152-203 A clear melody sounds from your ocarina as you play it.
202-203 You expertly play a sophisticated melody on your ocarina, the final tones lingering for several seconds.
198-202 You play a moving tune on your ocarina.


Bonus Range Message
198-203 A discordant noise sounds from the ocarina as you perform a solo on it.
195-217 You perform a monotonous solo on your ocarina.
195-217 You perform a simple solo on your ocarina.
195-217 You skilfully perform a funky solo on your ocarina.
217 With admirable timing, you play an inspired solo on your ocarina.


Bonus Range Message

Other Information

  • No other information is available.