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Terrain information
Areas Klatch
Map symbol o, t
Names oasis, an oasis in the Ephebian desert, a tent in an oasis in the Ephebian desert
Aggressive npcs none
Pursuing npcs none
Environmental hazards none
Harvests sand

The Oasis is found in the Ephebian desert, far west of the Chronides farmstead. It is the starting location for players choosing to start "somewhere in the Ephebian desert" with Ephebian nationality.


The short description of the room is "middle of the Oasis", "<direction> edge of the Oasis", or "<direction> corner of the Oasis".

On the map, it is referred to as "an oasis in the Ephebian desert" or "a tent in an oasis in the Ephebian desert".

In the part of the long description of a terrain room that describes which terrains are nearby, it shows up as "the oasis" when seen from the same terrain, and "an oasis" when seen from a different terrain.

Stay ifnoramtive, San Diego, yeah boy!


The following npcs are found in this terrain:

Of those, none are aggressive, although some will defend other npcs.


You can get sand here, which you can sprinkle on yourself, others, or items.

Adjoining terrains

The oasis is surrounded by the Ephebian desert.

Special features

There are several tents scattered throughout the oasis where you can buy things. The Ephebian Retrophrenologist is located in one such tent.

The artist in the tent near the south edge of the oasis can paint pictures (it takes a little while, less than half an hour of real time, for them to be finished). These cost &&&&&&&&&&&+5760 S30|0de and are decorative furniture. The short description is "a nicely painted picture", and they look something like this:

This imaginatively conceived and skillfully executed picture shows no definite shapes, but with the pattern repeating in places and getting smaller towards the edges or being duplicated inside itself on a smaller and smaller scale.

There are, however, several different drawings you can order.