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Numberchasing on the Discworld MUD is the practice of trying to gain as many experience points as possible in a short amount of time. The amount of experience gathered over time is usually expressed as "XP/Hour;" this figure is also called the rate.

The most powerful way to gain XP quickly is via Quests. Most players, however, prefer to numberchase- usually in groups- by killing NPC's.

There are a number of Achievements related to numberchasing.

  • Note about numbers not being the only thing on the Disc! Not everything needs to be done with a stopwatch. That said, this concept is about that.
  • not spending GP on things that aren't damage or your best idlechasing commands.
  • For meleeists, possibly not taking on nearly equal opponents because all that clashing of swords is less xp/hr than killing more weaker things.

Even higher-level teams wander the streets or terrains sometimes. But:

Hotspots. Places - single rooms - where the experience concentration is unusually high. One named NPC and many strong ordinary ones. A wizard is valued, not for Pragi, but for portal. It's a race between the numberchasing teams to get to the hotspots that have respawned first. Still, the named NPC dies. Someone sets up an alias to detect if the named NPCs related to their hotspots have respawned. An obscure method is any ring from Libby Twickle, which lets you sense the warmth of their existence.

  • Herding the Shades(!!!) for higher xp/hr but much more risk. (It was possibly for the achievement.)

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