Ninja Belts & Headbands

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Each assassin guild has a certificate which can be read to see a list of which contracts they have closed for each guild. The Ninja version of this certificate is either the belt or the headband. Each colour of belt has a different requirement on the total number of contracts closed for the Ninja, contracts for other guilds are excluded, including both npc and player contracts and cannot be purchased until that requirement has been met.

The belt is also a sword sheathe, which can be used to hold a pair of Ninjato's, Wakizashi's or Katana's.

Further these items can be used to read the current rules Ninjas adhere to, by allowing to meditate on the Way of the Ninja. Meditation can only be done while sitting.


Belts and headbands can be purchased from Wun Hair Bunn, upstairs in the Ninja guild. Headbands cost 3Rh and belts cost 8Rh 40s.

Wun Hair Bunn says: I sell headbands and belts in black, blue, brown, green, grey, orange, platinum, purple, red, silver, white and yellow.
Wun Hair Bunn says: The belts cost 8Rh 40s each and the headbands cost 3Rh.
Wun Hair Bunn says: Each colour is only available to ninja who have closed a set number of ninja contracts.

It is against the Way of the Ninja for any non-Assassin to own a belt or headband, and for an Assassin to sell them to other people.

Belt & Headband Colours

Colour Unique Contracts Required
Brown 0
Black 5
Grey 10
Purple 20
Blue 30
Green 45
Yellow 60
Orange 75
Red 100
White 125
Silver 150
Platinum 200