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A map of the 1st Floor by Sulvor.
A map of the 2nd Floor by Sulvor.

The Ninja are an assassin guild found in Bes Pelargic. The guild house is located in the northeast corner of Bes Pelargic, at the intersection of Chestnut Path and Silk Lane.

Guild Leaders

Guild Admin
Sensei Osa DeWar
Male Mentor Osa Kwik the Wise Dragon
Female Mentor Vacant
Avatar Osa Kawakisan the Noble Dragon
Poet Laureate Chojin Aya the Coiled Serpent

Way of the Ninja

The Way of the Ninja is the set of rules which the Ninja, and visitors to the Guild, should abide by:

     Treacherous Journey 
   Travel to Enlightenment
      Honouring the Way

       United as One
Brothers Protect, Never Harm
    Betrayal Brings Shame
  Our Duties to be Honoured 
   Our Friends are Targets

     Find Enlightenment
   Professionally Achieved
     With Honour Valued

      Ninja Possessions
 Applying Skills for Profit
      Always Encouraged
Belts and Headbands Excluded
   You May Sell Our Wares

      Outsiders Beware
To Fight or Steal in our Guild
      Forbidden Always

      Mortal Profession
    Beware of Retribution
      We Are Messengers
      Undue Retaliation
       We Cannot Allow

Particularities of the Ninja

The Ninja is the assassin guild native to Agatea.

The guild provide an honourable way to end the life of enemies throughout Agatea.

Under the guidance of the sensei, ninjas are expected to become masters of Agatean culture and arts and to uphold the Way of the Ninja in their endeavours.

For more information about the Ninja you can consult A Guide to the Ninja of Agatea in the ninja library.

Advancing skills

Master Yung trains ninja after they have completed a chore. He can be found wandering the guild.

Newly joined ninja can only train primary skills up to level 50.

Once a ninja has passed the Chunin test he can train primary skills up to level 175. Being proficient in the skills needed to inhume is necessary before being allowed to take the test. Master Yung will test your knowledge. Completing the Chunin test will allow you to inhume npcs. This will not force you to become a player killer.

In order to graduate from the guild and train primary skills up to level 300 you need to pass the Ru Noperi. This will make you a player killer and you will be allowed to inhume other player killers.


Every Specialisation grants some specials items as certificates. For the Ninja these special certificates come in the form of Ninja Belts & Headbands. The belt also doubles as a Katana/Wakizashi/Ninjato scabbard. They can be bought from Wun Hair Bun in front of the library upstairs in the Ninja guild.


These commands are exclusive to assassins:

* These commands are also shared with the Thieves' Guild.


Guild Titles
Level Title
0 - 24 Novice Ninja
25 - 49 Young Grasshopper
50 - 74 Green Grasshopper
75 - 99 Agile Grasshopper
100 - 124 Cautious Turtle
125 - 149 Determined Turtle
150 - 174 Enduring Turtle
175 - 199 Coiled Serpent
200 - 224 Striking Serpent
225 - 249 Hidden Serpent
250 - 274 Flying Crane
275 - 299 Graceful Crane
300 - 324 Dancing Crane
325 - 349 Prowling Tiger
350 - 374 Wild Tiger
375 - 399 Silent Tiger
400 - 424 Noble Dragon
425 - 449 Fierce Dragon
450 - 474 Wise Dragon
475 - Quantum Butterfly


These are the primary skills for the Ninja Guild:

Master Yung

To advance your skills as a ninja you must visit Master Yung. He will require you to do a small chore before you can advance. Tools for this are found in the storeroom southwest of the restaurant.

The Guildhouse

The Ninja Guildhouse provides several service rooms and shops, a garden and a few rooms designated for training skills. Like most guildhouses it features extra rooms for the leaders of the guild, a communal chest and a voting room. Like other Assassins guildhouses it also features its own library and might have one or more non obvious rooms.

The available service rooms include:

  • A Pottery & Kiln Room
  • A Poison Lab
  • A Hospital

There are four shops located in the first Level of the Dojo:

  • A Clothing & Equipment Shop
  • A Weapons Shop
  • A Crafts shop
  • A Restaurant

Further it includes four practise rooms:

The Dojo

The Dojo within the Ninjas guildhouse has 3 dummies for training thrown weapons (first dummy), sword combat (second dummy) and unarmed striking (third dummy). It also features a balancing beam where one can train his acrobatics. Further it includes a weapon rack filled with two bokkens to give Ninjas a chance to spar against each other.

The Furniture Room

The Furniture Room gives Ninja the opportunity to play hide & seek to train their hiding skills. And also to sneak atop different furniture items to train their sneaking skills. To use the room there are three extra commands:
hide {behind|under} <furniture>
hide from <living> {behind|under} <furniture>
use furniture [to sneak]

The Basket Room and Dodging

The Ninja guildhouse possess a mechanical machine to train one's dodging skill. When cranking the handle of the machine spiked baskets will start moving around and might hit those failing to dodge.

The command for starting the training is:

train at the {beginner|intermediate|expert} level

Training is not a passive thing, one will have to manually try to dodge, reading the text about an incoming basket and choosing to dodge {right|left|low}. After having choosen how to dodge, there seems to be a further skillcheck. To be able to dodge one seem to have some fighting points left.

Not choosing in time to dodge or failing to dodge will get the character hurt (around 100HP upward for beginner level). So be advised not to try to use the baskets with connectivity problems, as the character will also get hurt when you have lost your connection. Wimpy setting will still work though and might spare you a death.

Tea Room and Tea Ceremony

The Ninja guild features a Tea Room in the north-eastern room of the first level. To enter it one needs to crawl. Within this room one can practice the Tea Ceremony. The room also contains an explanation how to perform the ceremony.

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