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|Jounin DeWar the Dancing Crane
|Karuma DeWar the Prowling Tiger
|Poet Laureate
|Poet Laureate

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A map of the 1st Floor by Sulvore.
A map of the 2nd Floor by Sulvore.

The Ninja are an assassin guild found in Bes Pelargic. The guild house is located in the northeast corner of Bes Pelargic, at the intersection of Chestnut Path and Silk Lane.

Guild Leaders

Guild Admin
Sensei Swordmaster Kawakisan the Prowling Tiger
Male Mentor Osa Iota Yoko Aruki
Female Mentor
Avatar Karuma DeWar the Prowling Tiger
Poet Laureate Chojin Aya

Way of the Ninja

The Way of the Ninja is the set of rules which the Ninja, and visitors to the Guild, should abide by:

     Treacherous Journey 
   Travel to Enlightenment
      Honouring the Way
       United as One
Brothers Protect, Never Harm
    Betrayal Brings Shame
  Our Duties to be Honoured 
   Our Friends are Targets
     Find Enlightenment
   Professionally Achieved
     With Honour Valued
      Ninja Possessions
 Applying Skills for Profit
      Always Encouraged
Belts and Headbands Excluded
   You May Sell Our Wares
      Outsiders Beware
To Fight or Steal in our Guild
      Forbidden Always
      Mortal Profession
    Beware of Retribution
      We Are Messengers
      Undue Retaliation
       We Cannot Allow


These commands are exclusive to assassins:

* These commands are also shared with the Thieves' Guild.


Guild Titles
Level Title
0 - 24 Novice Ninja
25 - 49 Young Grasshopper
75 - 99 Agile Grasshopper
100 - 124 Cautious Turtle
125 - 149 Determined Turtle
150 - 174 Enduring Turtle
175 - 199 Coiled Serpent
200 - 224 Striking Serpent
225 - 249 Hidden Serpent
250 - 274 Flying Crane
275 - 299 Graceful Crane
300 - 324 Dancing Crane
325 - 349 Prowling Tiger
350 - 374 Wild Tiger
375 - 399 Silent Tiger
400 - 424 Noble Dragon
425 - 449 Fierce Dragon
450 - 474 Wise Dragon
475 - Quantum Butterfly


These are the primary skills for the Ninja Guild: