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Articles in the newspapers are written and submitted by reporters. For every article published by the newspapers, reporters gain experience points and money.

Becoming a reporter

One can become a reporter by going to a newspaper office and "applying". This will call up an in-game text editor, where one can opt to type in one's reasons for applying to be a reporter.

The Green Slab Office [e,w,s].
A bulletin board [ Empty ] is mounted on one wall and The Green Slab box is in one corner.
  | +     
You close the west door.

To apply for a job at The Green Slab, please write us a letter outlining your areas of interest and what you think you would be able to contribute to the newspaper.  It will be sent to the editors of The Green Slab, who will get back to you with an answer within a few days.
Enter your text.  Use ** on a line by itself to exit.
1 ] I am applying for this job because I will be an awesome and committed reporter.
2 ] 
1 lines - Choose from IDLMCESQ or H for help.
Quitting and saving.
Sending to: (Editors)
Your application has been submitted.  Thanks!
A small frog with a post office hat wanders up and takes your mail.
The frog hops away.

Editors can employ reporters using the syntax "add reporter <name>". Editors do not have to be in the same room as reporters to employ them, and reporters do not have to be logged in to be employed.

After being employed, reporters can claim their press credentials by going to the employee room of the newspaper offices and using the command "claim". Having press credentials adds extra text to your player title.

Example: Vai the Prior of Sandelfon, Reporter for the AM Daily, Appointed Spanker of House Hong

Writing and formatting articles

Generally, articles need to be of a certain length to be accepted and published. How long an article has to be depends on the editor who are in charge.

Articles should also conform to the MUD's rules and guidelines on speech on the talker and the boards. See Rules and Profanity.

Before an article is submitted, it should be checked for readability (i.e. have sentences and paragraphs) and spell-checked. Word editors like Microsoft Word or OpenOffice Writer can aid in spell-checking.

When submitting, the in-game text editor will ask reporters to submit lines with 75 characters or less. This can be safely ignored now that articles are printed in HTML format.

Submitting articles

Articles can be submitted as text or HTML. Due to problems in the past with incorrect HTML tags, the editors prefer articles to be submitted as text, which they can format and edit later. Reporters can include comments regarding formatting to typesetters and editors in their articles.

Reporters can submit their articles under pseudonyms.

submit text "Testing Article" as Qrazy Lady
Please enter the text of your story.  It will make everyone's life much easier if it is less than 75 characters per line!

Enter your text.  Use ** on a line by itself to exit.
1 ] Remember, we can ignore the formatting request for 75 or fewer characters per line!

Retrieving and deleting articles

Should a reporter decide that she wants to review or remove an article that she submitted earlier, she can list the articles using the command "article", and find the number assigned to her article.

"Retrieving" the article enables the reporter to view his own article, and "deleting" the article removes it.

Reporters can only retrieve or delete their own articles, whereas editors can retrieve or delete any article.


After a paper has been published, reporters will receive an in-game message as well as a MUD mail regarding their remuneration.

Reporters currently receive up 60,000 xps per article, while the amount of money received may vary depending on the profit the newspaper has received and the generosity of the editors.

Money due to the reporter will be paid directly into a bank account specified by the owners of the papers. If the reporter does not have an account in that bank, it will be created for him. The payment made by the newspapers is not subject to any deposit charge.

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