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A newbie chest is a container in which players can leave items for newbies of the same guild to take out. Newbie chests and their contents are saved over reboots.

Some chests have additional restrictions as to who can remove things.


In order to take things out of a priest newbie chest, you must be a priest who worships that deity and be under a certain age or guild levelresearch (or be a minister of that deity). There is also a limit to how much you can take out at once.

They can be found in the following locations:


The thief newbie 'box' is in the Thieves' Guild Research Room in the thief-only area of the Ankh-Morpork guild house. Unlike chests in many other guilds this one is fairly small. The Guildmistress ask that only items really useful to a young thief be put in, no torches as they are heavy and can be found for free throughout the guild. Items in the box are carefully monitored and selected. Please do not fence them.


There's a witch chest in Granny Weatherwax's cottage and a crate in Aunty Ogg-San's hut. There are no age or guild level restrictions on removing items. Ogg-San comments.


The wizard newbie chest is in the gym in the Unseen University. You must be under a certain age or guild levelresearch in order to take things from the chest.