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Criteria of Newbie Area

  • Plenty of killable npcs for new players, npcs should still be killable at around a weapon level of ~30-50
  • Not as much danger or can be avoided by avoiding certain npcs
  • Still close by to other opportunities like quests or shops if need it

Newbie Areas

Targets to consider are NPCs you should consider and see if you can attack, generally these NPCs are still too high level for new players

Targets to avoids are NPCs you should avoid as they might auto-attack and are way too high level for new players to deal with

  • Ohulan Cutash in Ramtops
    • Targets to kill include dealers/traders, zoon sailors, farmers, peasants, tramps
    • Targets to consider: town guards, soldiers, strongarms
    • Targets to avoid: Mommet, Zoon liar (will bring in group of zoon sailors to protect), Raffy the Rook
  • Rime Street-Gleam Street Dwarven Neighbourhood in Ankh-Morpork:
    • Targets to kill: dwarven children, dwarves
    • Targets to consider: dwarven tinkers, dwarven miners, dwarven tavernkeeps, dwarven bakers
    • Targets to avoid: watchmen, dwarven sentries
  • Sto Lat (this area is best if you advance your skills to around 100-150 skill level in a weapon:
    • Targets to kill: merchants, bums
    • Targets to consider: tinkers, carpenters, washerwomen, thieves, gravediggers
    • Targets to avoid: Royal guards, highwaymen/dashing men/thugs and scruffy/muscular/shady characters