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If someone is net dead, it means that they have disconnected from the MUD but have not logged out properly, and also that the MUD knows they are disconnected. This can happen if you tell your client to disconnect, or close it, without logging out.

This has several effects.

  • When it happens, you will visibly turn into a chalky statue: "<player> goes white, looks very chalky and turns into a statue."
  • People will see "the net dead statue of <player>" instead of just "<player>".
  • If someone sends you a tell, they'll receive a warning that you are net dead.
  • Rituals cannot be performed on you.
  • People looking at your finger info or using when on you will see that you're net dead, rather than seeing the amount of time you have been idle.
  • You will not show up in who or qwho when listing a group of players (although people can still use who on you specifically).

However, it's important to note that the MUD will not always detect that you are disconnected. If, for example, you have a power outage, your internet connection fails, or your computer suddenly decides to reboot itself, the MUD may not get any message that you've disconnected. This can be quite dangerous, since if you're not "officially" net dead, your character can remain in combat, bleed out from Holy Sacrifice, and so on.