Nanny Ogg's cottage

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Nanny Ogg's cottage is located in Lancre Town. Nanny herself is out visiting Granny Weatherwax, and is to be found at her cottage. As far as witch cottages go, Nanny's cottage is rather sparse on items and facilities.


The only NPCs to be found a Nanny's cottage are her long-suffering daughters-in-law:


The following facilities are available at Nanny's cottage:

  • The fire in the living room can be used as a heat source for brewing.

The garden has several, um, unusual herbs:

  • Ironhard Tacky
  • Pepper Pants
  • Pink Tickle


There are no components to be found at Nanny's cottage.


Nanny Ogg is famously fond of scumble, and thus keeps her house well stocked. A spare bottle of it can be found by searching the drinks cabinet in the living room.