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Musical instruments can be played in a variety of ways. Most instruments are portable, while others function as player house furniture, and some are publicly available in fixed locations.

You can also check the table in musical instruments.

Instrument commands

There are several commands you can use with different instruments.


play <instrument>

This takes 10 gp, and seems to be available for all instruments.

play music on <instrument> from <object>

Primers and other sheet music are available for some instruments, and this is the syntax you use with them.

Perform solo

perform solo on <instrument>

This takes 10 gp, and seems to be available for all instruments.


serenade <living> on <instrument>

This takes 10 gp, and seems to be available for all instruments.

serenade <living> with <string> on <instrument>

This is a more difficult version of the above, but it still takes 10 gp.


Many instruments need to be tuned before they can be played. This takes 5 gp. These include:

(It appears all stringed instruments need tuning.)


Most stringed instruments may be strummed. This takes 10 gp. These include:


A wooden whistle can be blown. This takes 10 gp.

Skills used

The appropriate skill from the subtree determines how well you can play a musical instrument. In general, easiest to most difficult commands/methods are: tune - strum (stringed) - use primers - play - serenade - perform (solo) - use music sheets. When it becomes more difficult to TM using one method, such as "play", the TM rate may increase if a higher level command such as "serenade" or "perform" is used.

In the basement of the Temple of Cool, there is a wall with some musical notes painted on it. Looking at or humming these notes uses, and humming them also uses

Care of instruments

Although instruments don't have a visible condition, they can still break. Holding them while fighting can damage them, and they can break in containers (although the exact circumstances for this are unknown).

You can check their condition with the condition command, and fix or repair them at a smithy or wood workshop, depending on their material.

Publicly available instruments






Sheet music:

  • A blue book of sheet music in the Sung music room, Bes Pelargic. Entitled "The Great Harmony in Ancestral Sung Melodies, for Stringed Instruments", it is usable with stringed instruments (while it specifically says "the biwa, the guqin, the koto and the shamisen", you can use it with other stringed instruments).
  • In a locked flat in the Salt Shaker, sheet music can be gotten from the piano. One sheet can be found at a time, and the song can be one of "Uberwald", "Ode to a Friend", or "Blood".

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  • These include garlic breath, excrement, cud, fleas, a cold, or gas (as from eating cabbages).